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What is a People Search Service?

In this modern age, it’s easier to hide behind a fake identity online than ever before. People do so to protect themselves, scam people, or separate their online lives from their real personal lives. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for hackers and scammers to scam people online, which is why tools such as people search websites exist to protect people. Keep reading to learn about people search websites and their features! 

What Are People Search Services?

People search services are websites that gather and sell personal information to those who wish to purchase it. They gather data from all over the internet, including local and federal records, social media accounts, public forums, and even private companies. There is little data safe from people search services, which often leads to ethical concerns. 

The Ethical Concerns of People Search Services

While most sites will charge people for a single report on someone, some use a subscription-based system, while others hand out information free with ads. All of this means that one way or another, anyone can purchase your personal data and use it for their own needs. 

Police often use them and private investigators when compiling information on someone that would be difficult to find otherwise. However, they are not the only people who use these sites, as they are open to anyone. This means hackers and scammers can also access your information and use it to breach your privacy. The good news is that you can have your information removed from sites like this by using a service such as Deleteme.

How Can They be Used to Verify People?

The good news is that people search services can be used to verify people in your everyday life. The main information people search websites gather and use to verify people is:

  • Name
  • Previous Names
  • Aliases
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Current and Previous Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Marital status and divorce records
  • Family Members
  • Social media profiles
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Property records
  • Criminal and civil records

With such a huge amount of information available, if you are looking to verify someone and confirm that they are who they claim to be, it can be extremely easy to do so.

How Can They Protect You Against Fraud?

There are several ways people search services can help protect you against fraud. Since they provide so much information, you can use them to check out whether or not someone contacting you is actually who they say. Some examples of ways people search services can protect you are found below: 

  • Protection against romance scams on dating sites
  • Verification of the source and legitimacy of random phone calls
  • Verification of requests from unknown accounts on social media
  • Verification of emails from unknown people

Popular People Search Websites

Many people search sites exist that you can use, but not all of them will give you good information. While many will provide you with some basic information, they will often overcharge for a lower amount of actual information. Some of the best people search websites will provide you with accurate information:

  • Truthfinder: Truthfinder is one of the most popular people search websites on the internet. You can download full reports for a small fee, and it also comes with a mobile app. It does not come with free plans, so you will have to pay for any data you get. 
  • PeopleFinders: This website is best for running in-depth background checks on people for a flat fee of $.50 a report. It also comes with a mobile app. 
  • Spokeo: If you want to look up someone’s social media or location info, then Spokeo is perfect. Offering a free plan for basic and downloadable reports, you do not have to pay for data you do not need. 
  • Intelius: This is the top people search website currently on the internet. It provides detailed background information, federal records, and much more for a fairly low price. This website is for you if you need to find out everything about a person.