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DeleteMe vs Incogni Comparison

DeleteMe and Incogni stand out as two leading services designed to help individuals remove their personal information from the internet. Each platform approaches the task of safeguarding users’ digital footprints with distinct methodologies and features that cater to various needs.

Data Removal Process

DeleteMe, by Abine, targets a wide array of data brokers and websites that collect and sell personal information. It employs a manual process where the company’s privacy experts directly contact these data brokers on behalf of the user to request the removal of their information. This hands-on approach is particularly beneficial for users who lack the time or expertise to navigate the complex web of data brokers. For parents, DeleteMe offers a service that can extend to cover family members, providing a unified solution to protect the entire household’s privacy. The service also provides detailed reports that track the removal process, offering transparency and peace of mind to users who want to ensure their family’s information is being diligently erased.

DeleteMe Dashboard

Incogni focuses on automating the process of data removal by leveraging data protection laws and automation technology. This service targets a broader spectrum of data brokers by utilizing automated systems to send out removal requests at scale. Incogni’s technology-driven approach can be particularly appealing to tech-savvy users who appreciate the efficiency and scalability of automation. The key advantage of Incogni lies in its ability to handle large volumes of data removal requests, potentially offering a more expedient route to safeguarding their family’s online presence.

Both DeleteMe and Incogni prioritize user privacy and strive to reduce the online visibility of personal information. However, their differences highlight the importance of choosing a service that aligns with one’s personal needs and expectations. For instance, DeleteMe’s manual, personalized service might be perceived as more thorough by some, as it involves direct interaction with data brokers. This can be particularly valuable when dealing with stubborn or unresponsive data brokers. On the flip side, Incogni’s automated, tech-forward strategy offers speed and efficiency, appealing to those who value rapid results and technological innovation.

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Data Protection Laws

From a technical standpoint, both services navigate the intricate landscape of data protection laws to advocate on behalf of their users. They leverage legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and various state laws in the United States that empower individuals to request the deletion of their personal data. The effectiveness of these services, therefore, also hinges on the evolving legal framework surrounding data privacy.

Parents and Families

For parents, the decision between DeleteMe and Incogni may boil down to the level of involvement and oversight they wish to have in the process. DeleteMe’s report system allows for a detailed understanding of where and how family members’ data is being managed, offering a hands-on approach to online privacy. Incogni, with its automated system, might better suit families looking for a set-it-and-forget-it solution that minimizes the need for direct involvement.

DeleteMe Family Member Addition


Both DeleteMe and Incogni offer compelling features for individuals and families seeking to enhance their online privacy. The choice between the two should be informed by a user’s specific needs, preferences for manual versus automated processes, and the level of detail and control they desire over the data removal process.

Comparison Table

Feature DeleteMe Incogni
Approach Manual process with privacy experts contacting data brokers directly Automated process leveraging data protection laws and technology
Target Audience Users seeking a hands-on, detailed approach Tech-savvy users valuing efficiency and scalability
Family Protection Offers services that can extend to cover family members Capable of handling large volumes of requests, suitable for families
Transparency and Reporting Provides detailed reports tracking the removal process Efficiency-focused, may offer less detailed reporting
Operational Focus Personalized service with direct interaction Speed and efficiency through automation
Legal Framework Utilization Leverages data protection laws for manual requests Utilizes data protection laws for automated requests at scale
User Involvement Higher due to detailed reports and direct broker interaction Lower, appealing for users seeking minimal direct involvement