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DeleteMe vs Optery Comparison

DeleteMe and Optery are two prominent services in the data privacy domain, focusing on removing personal information from the internet. Both aim to enhance user privacy by systematically deleting personal data from data broker databases, which collect and sell personal information.


DeleteMe positions itself as a privacy protection service that removes personal information from public databases and data brokers. It operates by first identifying where a user’s personal information is publicly available or sold online and then proceeding to remove that information on behalf of the user. This process involves submitting opt-out requests to a wide range of data brokers, a task that can be both time-consuming and complex for individuals to manage on their own. DeleteMe provides regular updates and reports on the status of these removals, ensuring that users are informed of their privacy status. Moreover, DeleteMe’s service is subscription-based, typically requiring a monthly fee, which covers periodic sweeps to remove new instances of personal information appearing online.

DeleteMe Scan

Optery offers a similar service but with some variations in its approach and features. Like DeleteMe, Optery specializes in identifying and removing personal information from data broker databases. Optery tends to emphasize the breadth of its coverage, claiming to target a larger number of data brokers and online databases than some of its competitors. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure that even less well-known databases are addressed, potentially offering a more thorough cleansing of personal information from the internet. Optery also provides users with a dashboard that offers insights into where their information was found and the status of removal requests. Optery’s pricing model includes multiple tiers, accommodating a range of needs from basic to extensive coverage.

Optery Dashboard


Performing a technical comparison reveals that both services employ automated tools and manual processes to engage with data brokers and request the removal of personal information. The effectiveness of these efforts largely depends on the data brokers’ compliance with opt-out requests, which can vary significantly. Both services have developed proprietary technology to streamline this process, but the scope and effectiveness of these technologies are often a function of the ongoing maintenance and update of their databases of data brokers.

DeleteMe Data Removal Process

Ease of Use

In terms of user interface, both services prioritize ease of use, offering online dashboards that allow users to track the progress of their information removal. However, the user experience can differ in terms of navigation, reporting detail, and the user’s ability to interact with the service for specific requests.

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Both DeleteMe and Optery offer valuable services for individuals looking to protect their privacy online. The choice between them may hinge on specific user preferences regarding service coverage, user interface experience, and pricing flexibility. Users seeking extensive coverage might lean towards Optery for its broader reach, while those valuing a straightforward, all-inclusive service might prefer DeleteMe’s simpler subscription model. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these services in protecting user privacy underscores the importance of ongoing vigilance and proactive management of one’s digital footprint in an era where personal information is increasingly commodified.

Comparison Table

Feature DeleteMe Optery
Service Type Privacy protection service focused on removing personal information from data broker sites. Exposure reduction service aimed at removing personal information from the internet, including data broker sites.
Pricing Models Subscription-based with various tiers depending on the level of service required. Offers both subscription-based and one-time report options, with different levels of monitoring and removal services.
Scope of Service Primarily targets data brokers and removes personal information from these sites. Targets a wider range of online presence, including data brokers, social media, and other public records.
Manual vs. Automated Processes Combines both manual and automated processes for identifying and removing personal information. Leverages technology for broad scanning but also employs manual processes for thorough removal and handling of complex cases.
Customer Support Provides customer support through email, phone, and a help center. Offers support mainly via email and a help center, with detailed guides for self-help.
Privacy and Security Emphasizes strong privacy policies to protect users’ information during the removal process. High focus on privacy and security, ensuring user data is handled securely throughout the process.
Effectiveness and Reporting Offers regular reports on removal progress and status updates. Provides detailed reports and visibility into the removal process, including before and after snapshots.