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DeleteMe Cost and Pricing Plans: Our Hands-On Review

Did you know that anyone can easily find your private and personal information without your consent? Some broker websites store and sell your personal data for profit. Data like your full name, home address, birthday, phone number, family members’ information, and court records can be used by such websites.

DeleteMe is a service invented to help users remove their data and information from data broker websites. Simply put, it removes all your personal information from places where you never agreed to put it in the first place.

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DeleteMe Cost and Pricing Plans

DeleteMe costs $10.75 per month for a single user. This is charged annually at $129 per year. DeleteMe also offers discounted plans when signing up for additional users and for subscribing for a longer period of time. Here is the breakdown:

DeleteMe 1-Year Plan Costs

  • Individual Plan (1 User) – $10.75 per month, billed at $129 per year
  • Couple Plan (2 Users) – $19.08 per month, billed at $229 per year
  • Family Plan (4 Users) – $27.42 per month, billed at $329 per year

DeleteMe 1-Year Plan Costs

DeleteMe 2-Year Plan Costs

  • Individual Plan (1 User) – $8.71 per month, billed at $209 every two years
  • Couple Plan (2 Users) – $14.54 per month, billed at $349 every two years
  • Family Plan (4 Users) – $20.79 per month, billed at $499 every two years

DeleteMe 2-Year Plan Costs

When you dive further into DeleteMe pricing, you can see that it is a bit complicated due to the level of customization available. They offer a large number of plans available depending on the number of people subscribing and the number of years subscribed.

All of the features are the same across the various plans. The only difference is the service duration and number of users. All plans are billed on an annual or biennial basis even though they are marketed as a per-month cost.

The following is a breakdown of the various DeleteMe plans available:

Plan NameUsers1-Year Plan Cost2-Year Plan Cost
Individual Plan1$129$209
Couple Plan2$229$349
Family Plan4$329$499

DeleteMe also offers business plans but requires a business email to receive a quote.

Remove All of Your Personal Data from the Internet

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DeleteMe Plan Subscription Cancelation

If you no longer want your DeleteMe plan, you will have to cancel it before the renewal period to avoid being charged again.

To do this you will have to navigate to your dashboard then select Account > Billing and Subscriptions > Delete My Account > Yes, delete my account.

Canceling Our DeleteMe Subscription Plan

Which Type of Data Can Be Removed With DeleteMe?

Once you have subscribed to DeleteMe, you can quickly expect the removal of all of your personal information from data broker websites. DeleteMe removes your personal information from over 580 data broker sites including your name, age, address, phone number, photos of you, and emails.

Ease of Use

DeleteMe is exceptionally easy to use. After subscribing, the software asks for all the information that you want to be removed. Examples of personal information you submit are your name, date of birth, address, phone number, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

DeleteMe Dashboard

Next, DeleteMe asks for your driver’s license or any other state ID for verification purposes. Once they have the personal information you want to be removed, they begin the removal process.

Become Invisible Online

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The process of your first campaign begins the moment you share your personal information with DeleteMe. They will send an initial report with details after 7-days. An example of a report can be found here.

DeleteMe Removal Report Example

Checking Again

When DeleteMe successfully removes all your information from the broker’s websites, it runs a check again every three months. This part of the process is necessary to ensure that websites have not tried to store your information on their sites again. If your personal information is found, the removal process begins again. The same scanning and deletion process happens every 3-months for the entire duration of your subscription.

Customer Service

In general, DeleteMe is pretty autonomous and happens in the background. However, if you have any questions at all or need to speak to someone, DeleteMe offers a live chat on business days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can also call them at 833-335-3836 or email them at with your questions.

DeleteMe Support Request

DeleteMe FAQs

What is DeleteMe?

DeleteMe is a service that removes your personal information from search engines and people search services by contacting data brokers on your behalf.

Is DeleteMe legit?

Yes, DeleteMe is legit and has been operating since 2011.

Does DeleteMe work?

Yes, DeleteMe is successful at removing your personal information from data broker sites.

How much does DeleteMe cost?

DeleteMe costs $10.75 per month and is billed annually at $129 per year.

How does DeleteMe work?

DeleteMe works by reaching out to people search services and data brokers to have your personal information removed from the web, which ensures it won’t be found in search engines.

Is DeleteMe safe?

Yes, DeleteMe is safe to use. They have a valid SSL certificate and have investments from reputable VC firms General Catalyst Partners and Atlas Venture.

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