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Best Criminal Record Search Service

The simplest way to find out about someone’s past is to use one of the finest criminal record search services available today. Criminal record lookup services can be used to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. Whether you are looking up a new neighbor or are researching a potential date, we’ve compared the top criminal record providers so you stay protected.

Best Criminal Record Lookup Sites

  • Spokeo – Most Affordable Criminal Record Lookup
  • BeenVerified – Easiest to Use Criminal Background Check Service
  • PeopleFinders – Fastest Criminal Record Search Engine


  • Pros: Detailed online search, reverse phone lookups, reports are always updated, criminal reports
  • Cons: Some searches may mismatch names

Key Info

If you need to learn about someone’s criminal history or look for social media accounts connected with an email address, Spokeo is an excellent service for both. It began as a social media aggregator and still delivers one of its most popular features. Spokeo restricts the number of background checks you may receive according to your membership status.

In order to go from 100 background checks to 200, you must pay over $10 more per month. Spokeo is a wonderful option if you want to examine social media information. Beyond this specialty, the service offers all the standard background information, including criminal records. Although some users have complained that the information is inaccurate or out of date, their background checks are still considered to be some of the best.

Spokeo customer service operates between 5 AM and 8 PM PST seven days a week by phone and chat. These hours are shorter than those of other services on this list. You may also contact the customer service department by writing to an address provided in the Help Center.


  • Pros: Many input options, affordable monthly subscriptions, unclaimed property search, great for work history, criminal history is reported
  • Cons: You cannot buy single reports, paywall

Key Info

If you want to compile information about someone, BeenVerified is an excellent resource. All you have to do is enter their full name, and you will get extensive information about them. The website then provides you with a list of possible matches, and you can download a full report for any individual. This report includes criminal records, contact information, property records, and social media information – amongst other things.

Unclaimed property is one function that BeenVerified offers that many other people search tools do not. The unclaimed property search is one extra feature on the BeenVerified account that you can use if you already have an account.

Although BeenVerified is relatively simple to use when searching for different types of data, you may have to wait a long time for inaccurate results. Some users also report poor searches using this service. You can contact BeenVerified customer care from 6 AM to 11:30 PM EST seven days a week via a toll-free phone number. Other services make it more difficult to cancel your subscription than this one, which offers more accessible hours. To cancel your subscription, you must contact the company or send an email.


  • Pros: You can purchase single reports, criminal reports, beginner-friendly website, uncovers certain data others may not, wonderful mobile app
  • Cons: Little to no social media info included

Key Info

It’s clear what PeopleFinders is, as the name describes it well enough. You can find out more about someone’s criminal activity using public records, as well as their name, phone number, email, or address, thanks to this online tool. Unlimited searches are available with PeopleFinders. Multiple methods to see someone’s criminal history are available by searching their name, city, phone number, email address, or known address.

A list of potential results is provided for name searches in addition to age and family members for helping you narrow down your search if you have multiple potential matches. Before you are able to find anything with other search tools, you must pay a fee.

PeopleFinders offers a variety of pricing plans. You can get two types of reports for a single person: one that includes contact details and one that includes criminal, property, and court records. You can also get unlimited reports with a monthly subscription. It’s discovered that it was comprehensive and provided us with details that other sites did not.