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If you suspect that you may be a victim of identity theft, it is important to act as soon as possible. Below you can find the contact information of major agencies and organizations that can support you in preventing and recovering from identity theft.

Government Organizations

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC is the primary government agency that deals with fraud and identity theft cases. We suggest contacting them through their website, in all scenarios.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Contact the SEC if you suspect securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or securities theft.

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Contact the SSA if you suspect your social security number has been exposed or used without your consent.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Contact the IRS if you suspect tax identity theft or if you are unable to file a tax return.

Credit Bureaus

The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. They can help with freezing your credit and identifying unauthorized uses of your credit.


Equifax Inc. is one of the “big three” American multinational consumer credit reporting agencies that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


Experian is one of the “big three” multinational data analytics and consumer credit reporting companies that is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency that collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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