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Our mission is to reduce the impact of identity theft across our nation by using a strategic three-point approach:

Providing educational resources and timely research.

Offering preventative solutions and strategies for consumers and businesses.

Teaching techniques and connecting users with data monitoring options.

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Who We Are is a for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing resources to consumers and businesses in order to protect them against the ever-growing threat of identity theft.

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Our Editorial Standards conducts thorough research and fact-checks all statements found on the site to provide the most accurate and reliable information possible. We attempt to keep our resources up-to-date with the limited resources we have available to us. We consult with experts in the field of cybersecurity, finance, and law to provide the most comprehensive resources available on the web. Our goal is to simplify the complex issues involved with identity theft and provide easy-to-understand solutions that consumers and businesses can take to protect themselves.

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