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Best Data Recovery for Macbooks

Countless people and businesses lose huge amounts of money every day due to data loss. Data recovery is the only satisfactory solution for files of monetary and emotional significance, which are consequently irreplaceable and lost. Thankfully, Mac users have access to a wide range of data recovery tools. and we’ve assembled this list of the best Mac data recovery programs. Data recovery should be accessible to everyone and consistently deliver excellent results in 2024, outshining its competitors. We all should be able to recover data from our Mac hard drives in case of an emergency, so here are some top data recovery services that will save the day.

Best Data Recovery Services and Software for MacOS

  • Stellar – Best Data Recovery Software for Macbooks
  • EaseUS – Best Data Recovery Suite for Macs
  • Recoverit – Best Free Data Recovery Software


  • Pros: Encrypted files can be recovered, corrupted photo and video repair system, very reliable
  • Cons: No free recoveries

Key Features

Stellar Data Recovery’s total macOS data restoration software provides support for recovering deleted, reformatted, or damaged hard disk files. The file recovery software is simple to operate and provides advanced functionality that may assist users in recovering long-lost files. It is designed to recover files for novice to expert Mac users. This recovery tool supports a wide range of file formats and can recover data from virtually any type of disk-based device.

Recovering internal system files is the most effective approach with the free version of the utility. You may recover deleted files from removable drives or other storage devices by using the premium version of this data recovery software for macOS. It also repairs damaged videos and pictures. All in all, this file restoration software provides adequate data recovery functionality for macOS.


  • Pros: Reformatted drives can be retrieved, fast and reliable, recovers many different types of files
  • Cons: Folder recovery may be unrecognizable

Key Features

EaseUS data recovery software is effective in recovering all of your Mac’s data. It can recover data from your hard drive, and you can select which items you want to recover from a list of deleted data. Using viruses, system crashes, human errors, accidental shutdowns, and other difficult scenarios, EaseUS recovers lost data. It can recover videos, images, audio files, documents, and emails, among other files. These files are recovered from hard drives, fusion drives, SSDs, SD cards, USB drives, memory cards, cameras, and other devices, and their size does not matter. Although the Apple T2 Chip offers an impressive degree of security and integration, there is a challenge with data recovery on Macs.

The T2 chips in Macs can be decoded using EaseUS Data Encryption Wizard’s data recovery software, which is the only one that can do so. The new version, 12.8.5, will give you a more user-friendly interface and will allow you to recover files from Mac devices with M1 chips. It can recover various files, including DOC/DOCX, PDF, VSD, ODF, XLS/XLSX, PPT, 3GP, ASF, MKV, MPG, JPG, PNG, GIF, CRW, MP4, M4V, WMV, MXF, RealAudio, APE, WAV, Archives, EXE, pkg, olm, and more. Scan the required drive with a quick scan or a deep scan, and then recover your files.


  • Pros: Multiple types of files supported, video repair, multiple language support, previewed files
  • Cons: Timer is inaccurate, limited previews, system performance can be laggy

Key Features

Recoverit offers you the ability to recover more than 200 files and folders, including office documents such as DOCs, DOCXs, XLSs, PPTs, PDFs, PPTXs, DOTs, and DOTXs. You can also recover graphics files like JPEGs, PNGs, JPEGs, RAWs, PSDs, RGBs, AFXs, ABMs, and more. Recoverit supports a variety of video formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, ALAC, WMA, and more. In addition, MP3s, AACs, AA3s, AC3s, and other document files are also supported.

You can access Outlook and Archive files, in addition to EPUB, PPS, MPS, JIS, and other document files. With Recoverit, you may access a wide range of storage media such as USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Cameras, SD Cards, Internal Hard Drives, Computers/Laptops, External Hard Drives, and more. You may preview your data before saving it and repair video files on your Mac and popular cameras with Recoverit. This software is designed to allow you to get your data back in a simple way. It’s a dedicated software that works with macOS BigSur. Recoverit is a dedicated software that allows you to get your data back with ease.