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IDrive Review: Cost & Pricing Plans in 2023

IDrive ranks as one of the best cloud backup services thanks to its backup features, affordable payment options, and ease of use. All these make IDrive one of the most popular options for individuals and organizations looking for practical cloud backup options.

In this IDrive review, we will discuss the features, pricing, and additional details of the IDrive cloud service.

IDrive Plan Cost and Pricing

IDrive has 4 primary plans available that all have different costs depending on the number of users needed, the features needed, and the subscription duration:

  • IDrive Basic: Free
  • IDrive Personal: $59.62 – $74.62 per year
  • IDrive Team: $74.62 – $1,499.62 per year
  • IDrive Business: $74.62 – $8,699.62 per year

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In our opinion, the IDrive pricing plans are overly complicated and aren’t very user-friendly. Here is a summary of the various IDrive plans along with price ranges:

Annual CostFree$59.62 –
$74.62 –
$74.62 –
2-Year CostFree$119.25 –
$149.25 –
$149.25 –
Number of Users115 – 100Unlimited
Storage10 GB5 – 10 TB5 TB – 100 TB250 GB – 50 TB

IDrive Cloud Backup Features

IDrive has several interesting and useful features for its subscribers:

Numerous Storage Options

IDrive offers a ton of storage options depending on your needs. They offer storage capacities as little as 10 GB all the way up to 100 TB. The free version comes with 10 GB and doesn’t require a credit card to sign up for this plan. The higher storage options are typically designed for businesses and IDrive offers multiple storage options for companies of any size.

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Private Key Encryption and Data Security

IDrive has some of the best industry options for security with new and innovative features like private key encryption. These private keys limit data access to the data owner only.

All data is encrypted upon storage and when transfered with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the highest level of security. Data centers are hosted in the United States and have the best-in-class physical security measures including 24/7 surveillance and temperature control technologies.

IDrive Private Key Encryption

Multi-System Support

IDrive offers cloud backup solutions for major desktop and mobile operating systems. This includes Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. For mobile operating systems, you can even backup your contacts, apps, calendar events, pictures, and more.

With a single IDrive subscription, you can backup data from multiple devices across different operating systems. Each device will have its own unique folder to ensure everything is organized and easily accessible. All device files can be accessed an unlimited number of times from the web so you can view, share, and manage your files remotely.

IDrive offers intelligent and automated backups of your devices. Backups happen automatically in the background and can even be scheduled at certain times. You can easily keep your IDrive files in sync with your devices ensuring everything is backed up in real-time. Files can be easily restored if you change to a new device or if local data is lost or corrupted.

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File Sharing and Folder Sync

File and data management is one of the most common challenges that come with cloud backup services. However, IDrive provides great options for users who want to access their files. Users can share data, files, and folders across devices with the highest level of security.

The platform also lets users sync folders together for better data and file management. They can group files and folders, sort by size, and much more.

IDrive File Sharing

Bulk Upload and Restoration

IDrive makes the manual upload process easy with its bulk upload and restoration options. This lets users select multiple files and folders together for upload or for restoration to save huge amounts of time.

IDrive Cloud Backup

Verdict: Is IDrive Worth It?

IDrive is a great solution for individuals and for businesses that are looking to back up their data securely. The company offers multiple storage options across a huge number of devices to ensure there is a solution for every need.

The features offered by IDrive make it a much better cloud backup option compared to others.

IDrive FAQs

What is IDrive?

IDrive is a cloud data backup and restoration service. They offer a huge number of data storage options for both individuals and businesses.

How secure is IDrive?

IDrive is very secure and uses best-in-class data security measures including 256-bit AES encryption.

How much does IDrive cost?

IDrive costs anywhere from $59.62 – $8,699.62 per year depending on the number of users and the amount of storage needed. IDrive also offers a free plan for an individual user that comes with 10 GB of cloud storage.