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Best Google Drive Alternatives

When considering alternatives to Google Drive, there are several options that cater to a range of needs, from personal file storage to professional collaboration and backup solutions. Including iDrive, here are some of the best alternatives, each with its unique set of features:

  1. iDrive: iDrive offers a comprehensive cloud backup and storage solution, catering to both personal and business needs. It provides continuous syncing of your files, even those on network drives. The service is known for its robust backup capabilities, including the ability to back up multiple devices into one account and its file versioning feature, which can be very handy for recovering from accidental deletions or changes.
  2. Dropbox: As one of the pioneers in cloud storage, Dropbox offers a simple and efficient platform for storing files, with seamless integration across various devices and operating systems. It’s particularly favored for its collaborative features, making it easy for teams to share and work on files together. Dropbox also offers advanced features like Dropbox Paper for collaboration and Dropbox Spaces for a more integrated team workspace.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive: OneDrive is integrated with Windows 10 and offers a seamless experience for Microsoft users, directly syncing with your PC’s file system. It’s particularly effective for those who use Microsoft Office applications, as it offers real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. OneDrive also provides personal vault features for sensitive information.
  4. Box: Box is aimed more at businesses and professional users, offering advanced security features, file encryption, and compliance standards. It’s a robust platform for collaboration and file sharing within teams and with external partners. Box also integrates with many enterprise apps, enhancing productivity and workflow.
  5. focuses on privacy and security, offering end-to-end encryption for your files. It’s a great choice for those who prioritize the confidentiality of their data. also provides features for file sharing, collaboration, and versioning, all with a strong emphasis on keeping your data secure.
  6. pCloud: pCloud is unique in offering a lifetime subscription plan, making it an economical choice for long-term storage needs. It offers a user-friendly interface, file versioning, and a digital asset inheritance feature called pCloud Legacy. pCloud also provides an optional add-on for enhanced security with pCloud Crypto.
  7. Tresorit: Tresorit is another service that emphasizes security and privacy, with end-to-end encryption protecting your files. It’s designed for individuals and teams who need to handle sensitive data, offering secure file sharing, collaboration tools, and compliance with global data protection regulations.

When exploring the best alternatives to Google Drive, each service stands out for its unique set of features tailored to different needs, from individual use to business solutions. Let’s delve into the specifics of each platform.


iDrive sets itself apart with its comprehensive cloud backup and storage solutions that cater to both personal and business users. The platform’s standout feature is its ability to perform continuous syncing of files across various devices, including on network drives. iDrive shines in the realm of data backup, offering robust capabilities like backing up multiple devices under one account and preserving different file versions, making it invaluable for data recovery scenarios. Its scalability and security features also make it an attractive choice for businesses needing to safeguard vast amounts of data.


Dropbox is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency in cloud storage and file synchronization. It excels in facilitating collaboration, with features that allow teams to share and work on files with ease. Dropbox’s integration across devices and operating systems is seamless, ensuring that users can access their files from anywhere. The service also introduces advanced tools like Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace for teams, and Dropbox Spaces, which enhances team collaboration further. For those prioritizing ease of use and collaborative features, Dropbox emerges as a top choice.

Microsoft OneDrive

Integrated seamlessly with Windows 10, Microsoft OneDrive offers a cohesive experience for users of Microsoft’s ecosystem, directly syncing with the PC’s file system. It becomes indispensable for users reliant on Microsoft Office applications, providing real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. OneDrive’s Personal Vault feature adds a layer of security for sensitive information, making it a solid option for those embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem seeking a cloud storage solution that blends in smoothly with their workflow.


Box is tailored more towards business and professional use, distinguished by its focus on security, file encryption, and adherence to compliance standards. It offers a powerful platform for team collaboration and file sharing, both within teams and with external partners. Box’s integration with a wide array of enterprise applications boosts productivity and streamlines workflows, positioning it as a preferred option for businesses that require advanced security and collaboration features.

Privacy and security are at the core of’s offering, with end-to-end encryption ensuring the confidentiality of user data. This focus on security does not come at the expense of functionality, as also provides ample features for file sharing, collaboration, and versioning, all designed with privacy in mind. For users and teams for whom data privacy is paramount, stands out as a secure haven for their files.


pCloud distinguishes itself with its lifetime subscription option, presenting a cost-effective solution for users’ long-term storage needs. Beyond its attractive pricing, pCloud offers a user-friendly interface, robust file versioning capabilities, and the pCloud Legacy feature, which allows users to pass on digital assets. Additionally, pCloud Crypto offers an optional layer of security for users seeking enhanced encryption. For those looking for an economical and user-friendly cloud storage option, pCloud offers a compelling proposition.


Tresorit is another service prioritizing security and privacy, with end-to-end encryption that safeguards files from unauthorized access. Designed for handling sensitive data, it provides secure file sharing, collaboration tools, and compliance with stringent data protection regulations. Tresorit is ideal for individuals and teams who need the highest level of security for their data, offering peace of mind through its advanced encryption and security features.