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NumberGuru Review and Pricing Plans: Is it Worth the Cost?

NumberGuru is an application that provides information about a company or individual using a telephone number. Users can label a number and give feedback on it. For example, if a number is for a telemarketing business, others can be alerted that it is a call by flagging it as spam. It lists 99% of landline phones and 50% of mobile phones. It’s been around for quite some time (2011), but it never fails to have an easy user interface and be available to most. This easy review lets you in on the scoop about NumberGuru and its pricing options.

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Why Do You Need NumberGuru?

Reverse phone lookup services like NumberGuru have a variety of uses. Have you ever been the victim of a prank call? Prank calls are both irritating and frustrating. Does there exist a way to identify the prank caller? NumberGuru can help. A reverse phone lookup service allows you to look up a phone number by entering it into a search engine. You may be able to find out who owns the phone number if you’ve been receiving prank calls. You may also discover if a prank caller is a known person or a complete stranger by looking up phone numbers you don’t recognize. You can learn more about them by reading the following paragraphs.

With NumberGuru, you can even get a lot of information using a reverse telephone lookup. One such benefit is the ability to locate old friends or family members that have been lost for a long time. Entering a phone number into NumberGuru’s search box will provide you with the owner’s full name, address, and other contact information in just seconds.

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Reverse Phone Search and Lookup

Are you suspicious about who has been texting your sweetheart late at night? Want to know who sent the irritating message at 6 a.m.? Look up a telephone number in our reverse telephone number directory to discover its location, who the mysterious number is, whether it’s a landline or cell phone number and if it’s a pest. You can also comment on whether someone is a telemarketer, scammer, or prankster to alert others. Once you reverse phone lookup a number on NumberGuru, it will become your first choice for unknown numbers and text messages. The phone numbers listed on NumberGuru may include the possible owner, location of the phone caller, the phone number’s carrier, spam scores, and more.

Spam ID

Never answer an unknown caller again with NumberGuru spam identification (Spam ID). Never again be bothered by annoying telemarketers. With the Spam ID feature, they will notify you if a call is spam right from your native iOS phone app.


The application distinguishes itself in two ways. First, you can leave a comment about a company and tag the telephone number as spam if you receive a telemarketing call. Others can then see this information when they reverse lookup the same phone number.

Adding Contacts

The NumberGuru mobile app lets you add a Top Spammer to your address book so you know if someone calls you with one of those numbers, it’s a waste of time. You can see which numbers have been reported as spam by the service each time you run the app.

Who is Behind That Unknown Call

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Customer Service

To report any issues with NumberGuru, contact the NumberGuru Customer Support Team at with your registered mobile number or email address and related screenshots (if any). A NumberGuru customer support representative will contact you to assist with resolving the issue.

NumberGuru Cost and Pricing Plans

The NumberGuru application is available for free on mobile application stores. All data provided by the website and application is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which restricts the gathering of consumer credit data. Customers may unsubscribe from this service at any time and delete the application from their phones at any time. If you desire to have your information removed from the corporation’s database, you may contact their customer service department. After-sales care support is provided to clients on business days between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Search Any Phone Number for Free

Search and Verify Unknown Callers with Spokeo