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The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services of 2024

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

A reverse phone number lookup service is a tool that allows you to find information about a person or business associated with a particular phone number. Instead of searching for a person’s name to find their phone number (as you would in a traditional phone directory), you input the phone number to find out who it belongs to.

These services can provide various types of information, including the name of the person or business associated with the number, their address, and other contact information. Some services may also provide additional details, such as the phone carrier, the type of phone line (landline or mobile), and possibly even background information on the individual or business.

Reverse phone lookup services can be found online, and there are both free and paid options available. The accuracy and completeness of the information provided can vary between services, and some numbers (such as unlisted or cell phone numbers) may be harder to look up than others.

People use reverse phone lookup services for a variety of reasons, such as identifying unknown callers, verifying the identity of someone they are in contact with, or researching a number that appeared on their phone bill. However, it’s important to use these services responsibly and to respect privacy laws and regulations.

List of the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

  • Spokeo – Best Full-Service Phone Lookup
  • PeopleFinders – Most Affordable Reverse Phone Lookup
  • BeenVerified – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Trial


With over 18 million users, Spokeo is one of the most successful people search websites. You may look up individuals by name, address, email, and reverse white pages reverse lookups. The interface is professional and clean, and it does not sensationalize the potential results. The firm also offers an Android mobile application for easier browsing on your gadgets.

Reverse Number Search

Using just a landline or mobile number, you can locate a lot of information using the reverse white pages search (i.e. reverse phone number lookup). You can access basic information using a free reverse phone lookup. You can find the city, state, and phone carrier using this method. For the full report, you must subscribe or pay a one-time reverse phone lookup fee. This information includes the owner’s name, location, address, possible family members, address history, phone type, and carrier name.


Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup service that allows you to find out information about a person by entering their telephone number. You can see the current $19.95 ($24.95 for three months) or $59.85 ($44.85 for three months) offer for monthly memberships. Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup reports range in price from $0.95 to $1.95 depending on current promotional offers. You can’t buy personal phone reports separately, and this is often confusing. However, you can get a better idea of what you’ll get if you buy one of Spokeo’s plans if you take a look at the free information here.

Search Anyone’s Phone Number for Free

Search and Verify Just About Number


The PeopleFinders public records search engine is one of the oldest and most dependable public records search engines in the United States. You can locate comprehensive background reports by name, location, home address, and reverse telephone number lookup. Other websites require you to pay a monthly subscription, but you may buy a single report for a more affordable price here. The site is accessible via your browser or through some excellent mobile applications.

Reverse Number Search

When you cross-reference a phone number with numerous databases, you may discover the owner. If you discover a match, you may examine that individual’s entire report and discover who has been contacting you.


PeopleFinders features competitive pricing on its user plans. PeopleFinders’ $1.95-per-report price is a nice alternative for individuals who don’t do a lot of searches. The $29.95 monthly charge is available with an introductory one-month period of $9.95 for those who want to perform a lot of searches. PeopleFinders only provides data for the United States, so US citizens may only utilize the service. Users are guaranteed that their individual information is not captured when they register, since their privacy policy assures them.

Search Anyone’s Phone Number for Free

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BeenVerified is the most popular service because of its diversity. You may even look up vehicles or unclaimed money using it. BeenVerified is trusted by many because it goes beyond people’s searches. The searching process and user interface are identical to those of PeopleLooker, and the website is modern-looking. In addition, you may find out about an individual, property, vehicle, or unclaimed cash by cross-referencing data from large public record providers.

Reverse Number Search

Prank calls and scams are two of the most annoying issues that occur when receiving a phone call from a number you don’t know, but BeenVerified’s reverse phone lookup feature can help you identify the culprits. BeenVerified returns any available background info on the identity of an unknown caller. It is a nagging problem that everyone must face, but you can utilize BeenVerified’s reverse phone lookup feature to identify the culprits behind these calls. The information that comes back from these searches includes names, business names, location, age, email addresses attached to the number, and social media accounts attached to the number.


There are no single search options available on BeenVerified. To use it as a reverse phone lookup tool, you would have to purchase the full membership. Here are BeenVerified’s pricing options: 1 month: $26.89, for 3 months: $17.48.

Search Anyone’s Phone Number for Free

Search and Verify Just About Number

Additional Top Reverse Phone Lookup Companies

  • Whitepages – One of the most well-known directories for phone, address, and people search. They offer a reverse phone lookup feature that can provide details about a number’s owner.
  • AnyWho – Provides a free reverse phone lookup service, primarily for landline numbers.
  • Truecaller – A mobile app that identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls. It has a large database of phone numbers and their associated names.
  • Intelius – Offers various search services, including reverse phone lookup. It can provide details about the owner of a phone number, their location, and more.
  • ZabaSearch – A free people and phone number search tool. It offers a reverse phone lookup feature.
  • Instant Checkmate – Similar to BeenVerified, it offers background checks and reverse phone lookup services.
  • Hiya – A mobile app that identifies unknown callers, blocks spam calls, and offers a reverse phone lookup feature.
  • Nomorobo – While primarily known for blocking robocalls, it also has a lookup feature to identify unknown numbers.


These days, phone scamming has become increasingly elaborate and sophisticated in order to ensnare people. You might be inundated with calls from unrecognized phone numbers. Reverse phone lookup services can assist you in identifying numbers in order to avoid being scammed. You may even locate free reverse phone lookup services on the internet.

Reverse Phone Lookup FAQs

Are reverse phone lookup services free?

No, most reverse phone lookup services are not free.

How do you do a reverse phone lookup?

Reverse phone lookups are typically done through either a Google search or through a service provider, such as Spokeo or BeenVerified.

What is reverse phone lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a service that allows you to look up unknown numbers that call you. These services are used to protect against robocalls, telemarketers, spam calls, and potential phone scams.