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The Best Data Recovery Services of 2024

The most effective data restoration software is simple and easy to use to retrieve deleted files and folders on your computer, mobile device, or storage device. Whether data loss is the result of hardware or software malfunction, accidental erasure, or cybercrime, it’s a difficult experience for most people. You might store everything on a USB drive or an external hard drive for example, or it might be stored on an external hard drive. So here are some of the best data recovery services of 2024 that can help you navigate the right option for your stored information.

List of the Best Data Recovery Services

  • Disk Drill – Best Data Recovery for macOS
  • EaseUS – Best Remote Data Recovery Assistance
  • File Savers – Best Professional Data Recovery

Disk Drill

  • Pros: Very user-friendly, a wide variety of media types and files
  • Cons: costly, no purpose for recovery folders
  • Pricing: $89 for a lifetime license


Disk Drill is the most widely used data recovery software for macOS. It is available for Windows for the first time. It is a free and premium data recovery tool that can recover data from hard drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, SD/CF cards, digital cameras, and even mobile phones. Because Disk Drill advertises that any lost data file type can be recovered from virtually any data loss scenario, its comprehensive set of features for every conceivable scenario and platform is astounding. The ability to mount and read a non-mountable USB flash drive and recover the data in a relatively brief period of time is one indication that Disk Drill is a recovery tool that you should take into account.

It supports files such as audio, video, images, graphic art, documents, and even archives.

A Couple Services Offered

Deep Scan

With every update of Disk Drill, Deep Scan detects patterns associated with different file types. Sector-by-sector data reading and file format pattern recognition are used to discover information on your storage device. When Deep Scan detects a new file type, it is able to recover it regardless of the volume, file system, or whether the file system is present. While it can recognize more than 300 file types, not all of them can be recovered on every scan.

Quick Scan

Quick Scan locates files that have been recently deleted but are still stored on the disk, using file systems to denote them as deleted. It can recover any file type, but it is often not comprehensive enough to restore all of the deleted data, and a Deep Scan may be required.


  • Pros: Fast turnaround time, remote service, no charge options, top-notch customer support, located just about everywhere
  • Cons: Pricey, doesn’t support mobile devices
  • Pricing: EaseUS has a free version that can recover up to 2 GB of data for Windows and Mac OS. For Windows OS, it has three editions – Free, Pro: ($69.95 per month), and Pro+WinPE ($99.90 per month). For Mac OS, EaseUS has two editions – Free and Pro ($89.95 per month).


EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service is the finest choice if you’d like your RAID structure, unformatted drive, damaged RAW drive, unbootable OS, corrupted virtual drive, or damaged partition or unpartitioned drive restored. You can receive data recovery services from EaseUS, which includes recovering/repairing corrupted virtual drives, recovering/repairing lost partitions and unpartitioned drives, and repairing/recovering damaged RAW drives. When you require assistance, EaseUS professionals will come to your location to offer you the highest quality technical assistance. You must have a functioning network connection in order to receive assistance from EaseUS.

A Couple Services Offered

In case you want to restore information from a damaged virtual disk, a partition that has been lost, a repartition failure, a system boot error, or a reformatting operation, you should contact EaseUS Data Recovery Experts for a cost-efficient one-on-one manual recovery service. They can recover data from any storage device, and if your hard drive fails to recognize or boot, their expert team will recover it in their lab. After a free diagnosis, they might be able to provide the following services:

  • Recover/repair lost partition and repartition drive (the one that cannot be recovered by software)
  • Repair corrupted virtual disk files (.vmdk, .vhd, .vhdx, etc.)
  • Repair damaged RAW drives that need to be reformatted
  • Repair corrupted RAID structures
  • Repair unbootable Windows operating system
  • Unformat the drive which was formatted by mistake

Software and Tools

  • Partition Master
  • Todo Backup
  • Data Recovery Wizard
  • Data Transfer
  • Video Editor

File Savers

  • Pros: No data charge, clean ISO 5 rooms, quick service, secure, certifies tech members, high success rates, recovers all file types
  • Cons: No available in every state, no predetermined price
  • Pricing: Based on service(s) needed


File Savers has quickly grown to be one of the most popular data recovery firms in the United States. They have over 150 service centers to help you get the data recovery process started locally. They also provide economical rates, rapid service, excellent customer care, immediate US-based phone support, after-hours assistance, and the highest success rates in our industry. If they cannot recover it, they are sure that no one else can either. They have proved that they can recover data that others cannot. They provide fair, clean room data recovery services with the highest recovery rates. They are dedicated to providing clean, economical data recovery services to help you resurrect your lost files. They can recover data from broken, failed, clicking, unrecognized, crashed, damaged, and broken hard drives, RAID systems, flash drives, camera cards, SSDs, virtual machines, iPhones, and Android mobile phones.

A Couple Services Offered

Emergency Service

They will assess your hard drive immediately upon its arrival in their lab. They will also continue working 24/7 until you receive all your information. The final price will not exceed the highest price given

Rush Service

Upon receiving your broken hard disk at their facility, they will begin data recovery immediately. They will also continue working on your hard drive during regular business hours until all data is recovered. They will not exceed the quote range.

Standard Service

They will assess your hard drive upon its arrival in their lab. Because the price is firm before they proceed, the standard services are processed in order of approval.

Data Recovery FAQs

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering lost, missing, or damaged files from storage devices, such as hard drives and flash drives.

How much does data recovery cost?

On average, data recovery can cost anywhere between $69 and $199 per month depending on the amount of data needing to be recovered.

How does data recovery work?

Data recovery works by either installing software or hiring a professional team to recover lost, missing, or corrupted data. These services utilize various technologies that attempt to restore damaged data and locate data that may be missing or inaccessible through traditional means.