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Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Ever since the creation of smartphones, we’ve been able to keep in touch with the people we love across long distances more quickly and conveniently. As a consequence of recent advances, it has become harder to distinguish whether some of the calls we get are genuine or not because of the ceaseless bombardment of junk calls and telemarketers using unfamiliar numbers. For example, it may be your neighbor, babysitter, or even a hospital calling, but it might also be a swindler seeking to make a fast buck, so it’s critical to check the number before answering it. You can use a free reverse phone number lookup tool to perform a quick background check on any unknown number that calls you without having to spend anything. Here are the best reverse phone lookup services you and your loved ones can use for free.

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup of 2024

  • Spokeo – Best Full-Service Lookup
  • BeenVerified – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Trial
  • NumberGuru – Best Phone Number Database


You may utilize Spokeo, the most popular telephone number lookup service on this list, to identify unknown callers if you work for a corporate brand such as AT&T. Spokeo can identify a person’s name, email address, social media accounts, and home address almost immediately after you use it to look up a phone number for free.

Furthermore, a full report may provide additional background data including financial data, criminal records, and educational history. In addition to requesting that your own data be eliminated from the website, the search engine does not store any of your sign-up information in its databases. To top it off, the website offers a very secure search service.

Spokeo Report Example

The drawback to this alternative is that the site’s UI isn’t as interactive or user-friendly as the others on this list. In addition, its database isn’t updated regularly, which implies it may not always provide you with all the latest relevant information you need on a number.

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BeenVerified offers several different methods to perform phone number lookups as part of the reasons why we rated it as one of the best free services. In addition to looking up phone numbers, the site allows you to look up people, email addresses, addresses, and vehicle VIN numbers to discover more about anyone.

During the registration process, BeenVerified uses the information you submit to manage your relationship with them. They use your email address, for example, to keep you updated on BeenVerified product updates, account information, and general BeenVerified news. They do not, under any circumstances, reveal your account information as part of their search results nor do they sell it to third-party public record providers.

What makes BeenVerified such a great place to check a phone number is that it offers an extremely user-friendly app for Android and iPhone users. As well as having the same functionality as the website, you can also save reports on your device for easy access. The main downside of BeenVerified is its lengthy search times.

Also, If you don’t want your data to appear in BeenVerified’s people searches, it’s no trouble. You can follow their simple steps to remove this data from their search results. Unfortunately, you may see different information about you because it cannot be conclusively tied to the information you previously opted out of—you may opt-out of this as well.

Search Anyone Phone Number for Free

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NumberGuru is an excellent tool for identifying phone numbers. The free website can help you discover whether a call is spam, who owns a number, and whether a call is unwanted. Spammers are victimizing thousands of people across the globe, and NumberGuru aims to help them. You may locate employees or tenants using NumberGuru, but certain numbers are not available.

NumberGuru describes any unwanted call as a “spammer” and “spam” as a number associated with unwanted callers. If you spot a Spam Score for any phone number on NumberGuru, you may choose whether to answer it. Spam numbers come in various types, and you may remark on what kind of spammers they are (telemarketer, robocaller, etc.) in the comments field.

It appears that services like [Google Voice]/google-voice/(/google-voice/) and others are producing new numbers at an unprecedented rate, which they may not have caught up with yet. It’s always a good idea to be the first to comment on a new number. They also make it known that those 555 numbers you see in TV shows and movies are not likely real phone numbers.

Search Anyone Phone Number for Free

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