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Credit Repair Hotlines and Phone Numbers

Credit report errors are extremely common, and removing inaccurate information yourself can be frustrating and time-consuming. Credit repair companies can help you resolve issues by gathering your credit reports, searching for inaccuracies, and disputing them with creditors and credit bureaus. If you want to erase bad credit, here are the best credit repair hotline numbers you can call.

List of Credit Repair Hotlines

Credit Saint

Hotline: (877) 637-2673

Credit Saint makes the top of this list due to its transparent pricing policy and a wide range of cost-effective packages. The packages — which range from $79.99 to $119.99 — vary in how many claims they will dispute each month, from five claims with the “Credit Polish” plan to an unlimited amount with the “Clean Slate” plan. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

Credit Saint gives a free consultation to assess your circumstances and recommend the next steps you should take. Once you join them, they will assign a team to your case and contact you to keep you updated.

Credit Saint also offers credit score analysis and credit score tracking so you can track your progress. Experian credit monitoring is included with some packages. The firm guarantees a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see an improvement in your credit history after three months.

Sky Blue

Hotline: (800) 790-0445

Sky Blue Credit Repair’s $79 monthly credit-repair plan offers everything you need to clean up your credit report in a hurry. The Sky Blue Credit Repair team will provide a detailed analysis of your credit report for $79 a month, as well as customized dispute letters. It also has a relatively low set-up fee ($79), while other businesses charge $100 or more. Here’s a chart to see it more in-depth:

In addition to disputing credit report errors, Sky Blue provides credit-rebuilding advice. You can receive financial advice, such as opening a fresh credit card or managing your existing balances, to improve your credit rating. You can also get in touch with a credit expert if you have any questions about credit cards, loans, or any other credit issues.

If you are thinking about using a credit repair company, you should be aware that some provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. Sky Blue Credit Repair, on the other hand, offers a refund policy that extends beyond the usual 90 days. You can also pause and restart your membership at any time, something that few other companies offer.

Lexington Law

Hotline: (833)-333-8277

With over 17 years of expertise and almost nationwide availability (Oregon is the sole exception), Lexington Law is at the top of the list. Because it is a law firm and employs mainly attorneys and paralegals, the company is said to explore every legal avenue to correct errors in your credit report.

Account reps, who are often paralegals, provide extensive support seven days a week, with personalized assistance starting at $95.85 per month. The company provides three service plans, ranging from $95.85 to $139.95, that include credit disputes and creditor interventions such as debt validation and goodwill letters. Here’s the breakdown:

A personal finance manager, identity theft insurance, and a Transunion FICO score tracker are included in the mid- and higher-tier plans. Also, Lexington’s mobile app is a highly ranked service that provides users with 24/7 credit score analysis, personalized counseling programmes, and dispute updates.