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Credit Saint Cost and Pricing Plans

A poor credit score is a big concern for most people in the U.S. because credit score issues impact everything from your insurance premiums to your medical coverage. Credit reporting companies can make mistakes, dropping your credit score unfairly.

However, connecting with a professional credit repair company like Credit Saint is one of the best options to avoid this problem. Let’s look at Credit Saint, its services, and its unique features to help you make an informed decision.

Credit Saint: Overview

Credit Saint is a credit repair company, helping victims improve their credit reports, file disputes with credit reporting companies, and run fact checks on transaction statements. Credit Saint first started operating in 2004, and has helped many consumers fix credit reporting issues.

Let’s talk about its exclusive features to learn more.

Credit Saint Features

Following are some of the top features that make Credit Saint an ideal option for people looking for credit repair companies.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customers prefer services with a money-back guarantee because it adds financial security. Unfortunately, most credit repair companies have a brief money-back guarantee period. Luckily, Credit Saint offers a 90-day money-back guarantee period. The company only accepts payment from customers they can help and provides a full refund option for customers who do not get improved credit scores.

Affordable Monthly Fee

Hiring a credit repair company may sound like an extravagance, but it is necessary if you have credit issues. Many people spend thousands of extra dollars because of poor credit scores each year, but fixing these errors can help you save in the long run.

Investing in a credit repair company can help improve credit scores, save money on premium payments, and more. However, many companies charge too much for their credit repair services.

Credit Saint has terrific payment plans and prices, making it ideal for anyone looking for affordable professional credit repair services.

Credit Saint Cost and Pricing Plans

Credit Saint is most famous for its affordable prices and rates, making it ideal for someone on a budget. While most credit repair companies cost almost $100, Credit Saint has a lower price at $79.99 per month.

The pricing makes it ideal for customers who do not want to spend too much but still maintain good credit scores.

Note that customers need to pay a one-time “first work fee” of $99. The offer applies to customers who use the Credit Polish plan. The company provides excellent services, real-time expert consultation, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

For customers who want more protection against bad credit scores, Credit Saint offers the Credit Remodel Package. It costs $99.99 + a $99 one-time setup fee.

Other options include the Clean Slate plan, which costs $119.99 + a $195 one-time fee. These are arguably the most competitive prices in the industry.

How Does Credit Saint Work?

Users who want to get started with Credit Saint’s credit repair services need to follow these steps:

Plan a Free Consultation

Credit Saint offers free financial consultation where experts assess existing credit score problems and suggest solutions accordingly. The experts will review the negative items on a credit report and check if they can help you fix them.

They will analyze the situation and then determine the best solutions for your situation. You can then provide your email address, verify your information and move to the next step.

Choose a Plan

People often prefer choosing a credit repair plan as per their financial needs and goals. The plan’s prices start from $79.99 but can go up to a few hundred dollars.

Negative Item Removal

Credit Saint will start with your credit repair process as soon as you choose a plan. They will focus on removing negative items on your credit report and then update you.


They also provide customers with a credit report after the 45-day tenure. Customers can cancel their subscription once they are satisfied with their credit score.