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Sky Blue Review: Cost & Pricing Plans in 2024

Sky Blue Credit is one of the leading credit repair companies that have helped many customers improve their credit scores. It is the best option for people looking for comprehensive customer service, affordable packages, and professional services.

Sky Blue Credit offers credit repair services to people from all backgrounds and assesses their cases separately. You can also get generous discounts and more, but is Sky Blue Credit as good as it seems? Lets find out in our Sky Blue Credit Review.

Sky Blue Credit: Overview

Sky Blue Credit has been a significant credit repair company in the finance industry for 30 years. It offers customers a chance to get the best affordable plans, professional and robust solutions, and a 90-Day money-back guarantee. Let us take a look at its complete services.

Sky Blue Credit: Features

Following are the top features Sky Blue Credit repair offers.

Professional Assessment

The biggest reason for the Sky Blue Credit repair service is that it comes with professional assessment options. They offer a consultation where potential customers can go and present their existing credit score issues to the firm’s professionals. It can help with the following scenarios:

  • Credit repair error identification
  • Disputable accounts
  • Potential compliance issues
  • Dispute Management

Dispute letters can often solve poor credit score issues. Credit repair services can file a dispute by sending letters to reporting companies and get the errors sorted out on priority. Sky Blue Credit has been a part of the industry for the past three decades, with an average program duration of 6 months. They also return your money if they cannot help repair a consumer’s credit report during a 90-day period. The company also handles different types of Disputes, re-disputes, item changes, and financial details.

Sky Blue Can Help with Bad Credit

Have Sky Blue Do the Hard Work

Score Assistance

Customers often face credit score issues mainly because they do not understand its factors. Sky Blue Credit knows how the industry works. So, they can assist you with improving your credit score. The firm assesses your current credit score and reports to find potential opportunities for better FICO scores. They can also provide you with the best FICO improving suggestions.

Score Rebuilding

Some customers need 100% assistance with their credit scores. Sky Blue Credit provides these people with complete guidance and professional advice from experienced professionals. These professionals can walk customers through the score-improving process and help them reap benefits almost immediately.

Debt Validation

Responding to a collection letter on time is easy to ensure your creditors do not think you are irresponsible. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you can write a letter to the creditors to check the debt collection request status. It will also help you study for any extra fee charges added to your account.

Goodwill Letters

Goodwill letters can help debtors remove an event from their credit report via proper communication. Sky Blue Credit repair can help you write these goodwill letters and protect your finances, which can help modify or remove negative items in your list.

Cease and Desist Letters

Some creditors can become too hasty for their collections and often become a nuisance. A good credit repair company can help you write professional cease and desist letters to stop the creditors from contacting you in the future.


Negotiating debt settlements is an easy way to leverage matters in your favor. However, many customers do not have practical negotiation skills. Thus, a professional credit repair company can make the negotiations on your behalf.

These professionals understand the industry, debt collection, and more, and ensure the best results during creditor negotiations.

Have Sky Blue Negotiate for You

Get debt relief and credit help.

Mortgage Payment Preparation

Paying a mortgage is a fundamental responsibility but can be difficult for some people. Sky Blue Credit can help you assess your existing mortgage and prepare for it accordingly. You can also reach out to their professionals for financial advice.

Sky Blue Credit: Pricing

Sky Blue Credit has a simple pricing plan. They charge $79 per month after the subscription, and they have no signup fee, no extra charges, and no additional requirements for credit restoration services. These easy and affordable pricing models make Sky Blue Credit an ideal option for those who want to avoid paying extra money.

Final Verdict

Sky Blue Credit is a good option if you want a professional and affordable service managing your credit score. They have an easy payment method and accessible services, making them, ideal for customers looking for reliable credit repair services.