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Best iCloud Alternatives

iCloud, known for its seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, provides cloud storage and cloud computing service. For those not fully entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem or seeking different features, several alternatives offer a range of services, from file storage to device synchronization. Here are some of the best iCloud alternatives:

  1. IDrive: Offers a comprehensive cloud backup solution, supporting multiple devices across platforms. IDrive is particularly strong in the backup and synchronization space, providing users with options to back up entire drives, including operating system and application settings. It also includes features like file versioning, real-time file syncing, and end-to-end encryption. The free tier offers 5GB of storage, making it a great option for users who need to back up multiple devices with a single account.
  2. Google Drive: Offers a comprehensive suite of office tools (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and integrates well with Android and Google’s ecosystem. It provides 15GB of free storage shared across all Google services.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive: Best for those embedded in Microsoft’s ecosystem, offering tight integration with Windows 10 and Office 365. OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage, with more available for Office 365 subscribers.
  4. Dropbox: Known for its simplicity and reliability, Dropbox offers file storage and has a strong focus on collaboration tools. It starts with 2GB of free storage, with options for more through referrals and premium plans.
  5. Amazon Drive: Ideal for Amazon Prime members, offering unlimited photo storage and 5GB for video and other files. It integrates well with Amazon devices and services.
  6. Box: Focuses on businesses and offers robust security features, file sharing, and collaboration tools. Box starts with a free tier of 10GB storage, with various options for business plans.
  7. Mega: Offers a high level of security with end-to-end encryption for all files. It’s generous with its free tier, offering 20GB of free storage upon signup.
  8. pCloud: Distinguishes itself with a lifetime storage plan, offering 10GB of free storage with up to 20GB through bonus activities. It also provides file versioning and rewind features.
  9. Prioritizes privacy and security, offering end-to-end encrypted storage. It provides 5GB of free storage, with more available through referrals and premium plans.


IDrive earns its place as one of the best iCloud alternatives for several reasons. It shines in its comprehensive backup capabilities, offering a solution that goes beyond simple file storage to include full drive backups. This means not only can you store individual files and folders, but you can also back up entire disk images, capturing your system settings, applications, and files in their current state. This is particularly valuable for recovery scenarios, where you might need to restore not just your files but your entire system setup.

Another strong suit of IDrive is its support for multiple devices and platforms. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, IDrive allows you to back up data from all these devices under a single account. This cross-platform flexibility is a significant advantage for users who operate within a diverse ecosystem of devices.

IDrive also emphasizes security and privacy, providing end-to-end encryption for your data. This means your files are encrypted during transfer and while at rest on their servers, ensuring that your data remains private and secure from unauthorized access.

Furthermore, IDrive offers real-time file syncing, making your files accessible across all your devices instantly. This, combined with file versioning, where you can recover previous versions of your files, enhances data protection and access flexibility.

With its generous offering of 5GB free storage on the basic plan, and the ability to upgrade for more storage at reasonable rates, IDrive balances affordability with robust features.

Google Drive

Google Drive is considered one of the best iCloud alternatives due to its comprehensive suite of features that cater to a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses. At its core, Google Drive offers cloud storage, allowing users to save files online and access them from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. What sets Google Drive apart is its seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which are powerful, web-based office apps that support real-time collaboration.

Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage, shared across Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive itself, which is more generous than what many competitors offer. For users who need more space, Google Drive has affordable storage plans under Google One, which also include additional benefits like access to Google experts, shared family plans, and more.

The platform’s deep integration with Android devices and the Chrome browser enhances its accessibility, making it a convenient option for users who are heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive stands out as one of the best iCloud alternatives, primarily for its deep integration with Windows and Microsoft’s Office suite. It’s a natural choice for individuals and businesses that rely on Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams. This integration allows for seamless file access, sharing, and collaboration directly from desktop applications and online Office apps.

OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage to start, with additional space available through various subscription plans, including Office 365 subscriptions, which bundle in 1TB of OneDrive storage along with access to Microsoft’s suite of Office applications. This makes it an economical choice for those already using or planning to use Microsoft Office.

The service excels in its collaborative features, such as real-time co-authoring of documents, which makes working together on projects more efficient. OneDrive also provides robust security features, including personal vaults for sensitive information and files, ransomware detection, and recovery capabilities, ensuring users’ data is protected.

OneDrive’s automatic photo and video backup feature on mobile devices, along with its powerful search capabilities that can recognize text in images and documents, makes managing and finding files easy and convenient. For users within the Microsoft ecosystem, OneDrive offers an almost seamless cloud storage and synchronization experience, rivaling iCloud’s integration within the Apple ecosystem.


Dropbox is widely regarded as one of the top iCloud alternatives due to its simplicity, reliability, and robust feature set tailored for both individual users and businesses. Its core strength lies in its focus on seamless file synchronization and sharing, enabling users to easily access their files from any device, anywhere, and share them with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

One of the earliest players in the cloud storage arena, Dropbox has perfected the user experience, making it incredibly intuitive for users to upload, manage, and share files. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures that whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android, Dropbox provides a consistent and reliable experience.

Dropbox also shines in collaboration, with features like Dropbox Paper, which allows teams to work together on documents in real-time, and Dropbox Spaces, which helps teams organize their files and projects efficiently. These collaboration tools, combined with powerful file versioning and recovery options, make Dropbox an excellent choice for both personal use and professional environments.

Security is another area where Dropbox excels, offering two-factor authentication, SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit, and AES-256 bit encryption for data at rest. This focus on security, along with its user-friendly interface and robust third-party integrations, makes Dropbox a versatile and secure alternative to iCloud for users and businesses seeking reliable cloud storage and collaboration solutions.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a compelling iCloud alternative, particularly for Amazon Prime members who can benefit from additional perks such as unlimited photo storage and 5GB of space for videos and other files. It integrates seamlessly with Amazon services and devices, making it an excellent choice for users already invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Its user interface is straightforward, providing an easy way to upload, manage, and share files across devices. The service offers competitive pricing for additional storage space, appealing to those needing more than the basic free storage offering. For users who prioritize photo storage, Amazon Drive’s unlimited photo storage is a standout feature, distinguishing it from many other cloud storage options.


Box is designed with businesses and professional users in mind, offering a robust set of features focused on collaboration, security, and integration with third-party apps. It stands out for its advanced security measures, including granular permissions, secure file sharing, and the ability to set expiration dates on shared links. Box’s real-time collaboration tools support editing documents directly within the platform, making it a strong competitor for teams looking for an efficient way to manage projects and files. Its compatibility with numerous applications, including Office 365 and Google Workspace, enhances productivity and workflow. Box also emphasizes compliance with various industry standards, making it a reliable choice for businesses concerned with data regulation and compliance.


Mega positions itself as a privacy-centric cloud storage service, offering end-to-end encryption for data, which ensures that only the user can access their files. This focus on security is a significant selling point for users concerned with privacy. Mega is generous with its free storage offering, providing more free space than many of its competitors, which attracts users looking for ample storage without a subscription. The platform includes features like secure chat, file versioning, and the ability to share encrypted files, making it versatile for both personal use and collaboration. Mega’s commitment to privacy and security, along with its user-friendly interface and substantial free storage, makes it a notable alternative to iCloud.


pCloud distinguishes itself with its unique lifetime storage plan, where users pay a one-time fee for permanent storage, a compelling alternative to subscription-based models. It offers 10GB of free storage, with the possibility of expanding this through various promotions. pCloud’s focus on user experience is evident in its easy-to-use interface and reliable file syncing and sharing capabilities. The service includes advanced features like file versioning, rewind, and integrated media players, enhancing its functionality. pCloud’s approach to security is robust, offering an optional add-on for client-side encryption, ensuring that data is protected before it even leaves the user’s device. This blend of convenience, innovative pricing, and strong security features makes pCloud a versatile and appealing choice. is favored for its strong emphasis on privacy and security, offering end-to-end encryption that ensures only the user can access their data. This focus on security does not come at the expense of functionality; provides an intuitive interface, easy sharing options, and the ability to access files from any device. The service’s privacy features, including the protection of personal information and secure link sharing, make it ideal for users and businesses concerned with data confidentiality. also offers a clear no third-party tracking policy, appealing to privacy-conscious users. With competitive pricing and a strong commitment to user privacy and security, stands out as a secure and reliable iCloud alternative.