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SentryPC Cost and Pricing Plans

SentryPC offers a basic plan that is ideal for individuals, families, and parents. It costs $69.95 per year and additional licenses are only $29.95 per year. Each license allows you to store up to 500 screenshots and works on any mobile or desktop device.

SentryPC also offers multiple business plans that range in price from $1,495 per year to $9,995.00 per year for those who are looking for employee monitoring solutions.

What is SentryPC?

SentryPC is a monitoring and control software designed for parents and employers. It provides comprehensive computer activity monitoring, website and application filtering, and time management capabilities.

It allows parents to monitor their children’s activities online, including what websites they visit, what applications they use, and how much time they spend on the computer. It also enables parents to control and limit their children’s use of the computer.

The software also includes comprehensive logging features, allowing you to review activity histories and generate detailed reports. SentryPC operates in a stealth mode, meaning that it’s hidden from the user and difficult to detect or disable without administrative access.

SentryPC Features

SentryPC offered a range of features designed to provide comprehensive computer activity monitoring and control. Here are some of the key features:

  • Activity Monitoring and Recording: SentryPC records all activities on the computer, including keystrokes typed, websites visited, applications used, chat conversations, and more. It provides detailed logs for review.
  • Website Filtering: SentryPC allows you to block access to specific websites or allow access only to specified sites. You can also block websites based on their category.
  • Application Filtering: This feature enables you to control access to certain applications. You can prevent specific programs from being launched.
  • Time Management: With SentryPC, you can set specific hours during which the computer can be used. You can also limit the total amount of time spent on the computer each day.
  • Real-time Activity Viewing: SentryPC allows you to view activities on the monitored computer in real-time.
  • Alert Notifications: The software can alert you when certain activities occur or when rules are violated.
  • Stealth Operation: SentryPC operates invisibly on the monitored computer, so the user typically won’t know they’re being monitored.
  • Secure Cloud Access: You can access the logs and change the settings from any device through a secure online control panel.
  • Detailed Report Generation: You can generate detailed activity reports based on various factors.


SentryPC is a safe and reliable monitoring service that is a great solution for parents who want to keep tabs on family device usage. It’s affordability and features make it one of the best monitoring solutions available.