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Qustodio Cost and Pricing Plans

Qustodio offers two primary plans, the Basic plan for $54.95 per year and the Complete plan for $99.95 per year:

  • Basic Plan: $54.95 per year
  • Complete Plan: $99.95 per year

Qustodio Basic Plan

The Qustodio Basic plan is the entry-level plan and covers up to 5 devices. It includes core features such as safe search, web filtering, app blocking, time limits, activity reports, and location monitoring.

Qustodio Complete Plan

The Qustodio Complete plan is the highest level plan offered and includes all of the same features as the Basic plan in addition to web activity alerts, game time limits, YouTube monitoring, call monitoring, and message monitoring.

The Complete plan also includes Care Plus which is a priority customer service offering. It can also be added to the Basic plan for an additional $12.99 per year.

Qustodio Features

Qustodio offers a variety of features, such as:

  • Internet Filter: This feature helps block inappropriate content, even in private browsing mode.
  • Time Controls: With Qustodio, parents can set time limits for internet and app usage. This helps to manage a child’s screen time.
  • Social Monitoring: Qustodio offers social media tracking for platforms like Facebook and Twitter, providing insights into how children use these platforms.
  • Location Tracking: The software also offers a location tracking feature that allows parents to know where their children are at any given time (for mobile devices only).
  • Call and Text Monitoring: This feature, available for Android devices, provides parents with detailed call and SMS logs.
  • Panic Button: Available for Android and iOS, this allows children to send an SOS message with their location to a select group of contacts.

It’s important to note that while tools like Qustodio can help parents ensure their child’s online safety, they should also be used responsibly to respect privacy and encourage trust.

Qustodio Device and Operating System Compatibility

Qustodio is compatible with the following platforms and devices:

  • Windows: Qustodio has a desktop application for Windows.
  • macOS: Qustodio also has a desktop application for macOS.
  • Android: Qustodio has a mobile app for Android devices, and it offers a wider array of features for Android, such as call and text message monitoring.
  • iOS: Qustodio is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The feature set for iOS is slightly more limited than Android due to Apple’s stricter app policies.
  • Kindle: Qustodio also supports Amazon Kindle devices.
  • Chromebook: As of my last update, Qustodio was working on developing functionality for Chromebooks, but a fully-featured version for this platform was not available. Please check their website for the latest updates on this.

Qustodio offers cross-platform support, which means you can use it to monitor devices with different operating systems from one account.

Is Qustodio Safe to Use?

Yes, Qustodio is safe to use. It is a reputable parental control software that is designed to help parents monitor and control their child’s online activities. The app uses encryption to protect the data it collects, and it’s compliant with data privacy laws.

However, like any other software, it’s important to understand what data Qustodio collects and how it uses and stores that information. According to their privacy policy as of 2021, Qustodio collects data about web and app usage, location, and in some cases, call and text message logs. They state that this data is only used to provide the service and isn’t sold or shared with third parties.

As with any tool that can monitor internet activity, there can be concerns about overuse or misuse infringing on privacy. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain open communication with your child about why and how you’re using a tool like Qustodio. Moreover, remember that parental control software should be a part of a broader strategy of guiding your child’s digital behavior, not a substitute for conversation and setting clear expectations around technology use.

Finally, always keep your Qustodio account information secure to avoid any unauthorized access.