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2024 Phishing Facts and Statistics

Phishing attacks have been on the rise over the years as digital communications methods evolve and expand. Our reliance on text-based communication has made the nation more susceptible to phishing attacks. Let us take a quick look at some facts as to why phishing attacks are a growing problem in the United States.

Phishing Statistics: The Fast Facts

  • The IC3 received 300,497 reports of phishing attempts, down from the previous year but up more than 10x since 2018.
  • Financial institutions make up the majority of phishing targets with 27.7% of cases being reported from within this industry
  • Total losses from successful phishing attacks was over $52 million
  • 91% of phishing attempts are via email

Phishing Statistics, Data, and Facts for 2024

Phishing is becoming more of a threat to both businesses and consumers over the years. The number of victims and losses are growing at a fast rate. Let’s take a look at some of the most standout phishing statistics so far in 2024.

The IC3 Received 300,487 Phishing Reports

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) alone received a staggering 300,487 reports phishing attempts. This number was down from the previous year but up greatly since 2018 when they received only 26,379 reports.

Phishing Attacks Are the #1 Reported Cybercrime

The IC3 received more phishing attack reports than any other cybercrime.

Losses From Known Phishing Attacks Totaled $53 Million

Phishing losses are still on the lower end of the cybercrime scale in terms of losses but have drastically picked up over the years.

91% of Phishing Attacks are Sent Via Email

Email remains the most common method for phishing attacks, with about 91% of all cyberattacks beginning with a phishing email. Of these, 91% are sent via Gmail accounts.

45% of Ransomware Attacks Stem from Phishing

Phishing is the primary method for delivering ransomware, accounting for 45% of all ransomware attacks.

Financial Institutions Are Targeted in 27.7% of Phishing Attacks

Worldwide, the financial sector receives a majority of phishing attacks followed by the SaaS and Social Media industries.

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