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Qustodio vs Net Nanny Comparison

Qustodio and Net Nanny are leading parental control providers, each offering robust features designed to aid parents in managing their children’s digital experiences.


Qustodio’s strengths lie in its detailed activity reports and intuitive dashboard, which allow for an easy overview of online activities across various devices. This software shines with its time management feature, enabling parents to set specific time limits for device usage or for individual apps, ensuring children spend their digital time wisely. Qustodio offers a location tracking feature, which is invaluable for parents wanting to know the whereabouts of their children, enhancing peace of mind when kids are outside.

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A unique feature of Qustodio is its panic button available on Android devices. This button can be activated by children in case of an emergency, sending immediate alerts to parents, a feature that underscores Qustodio’s commitment to child safety beyond the digital realm.

Qustodio Panic Button

Net Nanny is renowned for its real-time content filtering technology, which dynamically analyzes web content and blocks inappropriate material before it’s displayed. This capability is particularly useful in an ever-evolving online landscape where new websites and content emerge daily. Net Nanny’s screen time management is also sophisticated, allowing not just for overall device time limits but for specific schedules, ensuring children are not using devices during important family times or bedtime.

Net Nanny’s Family Feed provides insights into children’s online searches, app installations, and screen time usage, fostering open conversations about digital habits. This feature, combined with its powerful filtering technology that categorizes online content in real-time, sets Net Nanny apart in helping parents to proactively engage with and manage their children’s online experiences.

Net Nanny Family Feed


Both platforms support multiple devices and operating systems, ensuring coverage whether your family uses iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac. However, the setup process and management of settings can differ; Qustodio’s user interface is generally praised for its simplicity and ease of navigation, making it a good choice for those less tech-savvy. Net Nanny, while offering a comprehensive suite of controls, may require a bit more time to fully understand and utilize all available features.

Qustodio for Android


The choice between Qustodio and Net Nanny comes down to specific parental concerns and needs. For those prioritizing detailed time management and emergency safety features, Qustodio offers a compelling package. Parents focused on preventing exposure to inappropriate content and fostering digital discussions may find Net Nanny’s real-time filtering and Family Feed insights more aligned with their objectives. Both platforms provide valuable tools in navigating the complexities of digital parenting, with their respective strengths catering to a broad spectrum of parental concerns.

Comparison Table

Feature Qustodio Net Nanny
Activity Reports Detailed reports and intuitive dashboard Family Feed with insights into searches, app usage
Content Filtering Standard blocking with category-based filters Dynamic real-time content filtering and blocking
Time Management Specific time limits for device and app use Screen time management with specific schedules
Location Tracking Available, enhances child safety Not specifically highlighted
Panic Button Available on Android for emergencies Not available
Device and OS Support Multi-device, cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) Multi-device, cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
User Interface Simple and easy to navigate Comprehensive but may require time to learn
Pricing Tiered plans based on number of devices Tiered plans based on number of devices