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Random Username Generator Tool

A tool that is often overlooked by society when creating secure logins is the random username generator. Most people prefer to create their own username for logging into important sites, such as online banks, but this can make it easier for hackers to steal your information. This is why you should be using random username generator tools.

How to Use the Random Username Generator

Using the random username generator is very easy. All you have to do is hit the “Generate Random Username” button and a random username will appear. You can hit the button multiple times to generate additional random usernames.

Why Use a Random Username Generation Tool?

Using a random username generation tool can be very useful to ensure you are not using the same usernames across your various logins, which can make you more susceptible to hacking. Varying your username logins ensures that you are not being too repetitious and also reduces your risk of unauthorized access across multiple accounts in the case of a data breach. Also, using a random username is a great way to ensure you are not including personally identifiable information in your username, which can be used against you by savvy hackers.

What Random Username Generator Tools Are Used For

Random username generator tools create a list of random usernames you can choose from. While some random username generators will just create random usernames on their own, others allow you to put in some text, and then they will create a username around that text. This can be useful if you have a specific word you want in your username while still creating a secure username to protect your data.

How Random Username Generator Tools Can Generate Secure Logins 

You can use random username generator tools to create secure usernames by utilizing their fundamental function: to create random names. A common mistake many people make when creating their usernames is to use personal identifying information or a name that anyone who knows them could easily guess.

This makes them especially susceptible to hackers who employ phishing to learn about their victims before hacking them. Using random username generator tools, you can create a username that has nothing to do with you whatsoever, thus making it even more difficult for hackers to steal your data. 

How to Securely Store Usernames

Like storing your password, storing your username is another important aspect of online safety. It can be difficult to store your username safely, but this is a crucial step that must be taken, and there are some tools out there to help you store it. Some are safer than others, while others are easier to use, so you must balance safety and ease of access. 

  • Your Browser: Your browser is the first place to store your username securely. Like when you save your passwords to your browser, you can usually save your usernames simultaneously. However, usernames are rarely encrypted as they are not treated like passwords. 
  • Private File on Your Device: Another option for storing your username securely is to place it in a private file on your device. This should never be stored with your password, as your password is much more important than your username. 
  • Password Management App: Some password management apps may also allow you to store your username in them. However, do not bank on your password management app, allowing you to do this. 

Usernames and Password Managers

Having unique usernames is important, but they can be difficult to remember. You can employ the help of a password manager to securely store all of your usernames and passwords across various accounts without having to memorize all of them. Take a look at our list of the best password managers to learn more.

Best Practices for Generating Usernames

While usernames are not treated like passwords, there are still some important tips to keep in mind when generating usernames. These are:

  • Do not input any of your personal information into the random username generator. Since some allow you to input words to generate usernames from, you want to ensure you are not adding in any personal information.
  • Do not input old usernames you used when generating a new username.
  • Generate different usernames for different websites, increasing your internet security and preventing data breaches. 
  • Email addresses should never be used for usernames or in random username generators. 
  • Do not use any similar words or character strings in your username that you used in your password. This makes it easier for hackers to steal your information.¬†

Usernames and Identity Theft

Having strong and varied usernames helps to prevent identity theft. When there are large corporate data breaches, username and password combinations are often leaked. This leaked data is sold on the dark web and used by hackers across various logins, hoping that the same combination of credentials was used for other accounts. Having varied usernames ensures that potential data breaches don’t affect you across multiple accounts.

Random Username Generator Tools Available to All

You can find plenty of random username generator tools online, and while they will all serve you well, here are some of the best ones to check out.

  • LastPass: LastPass is a great random username generator. You can have a username up to 50 characters long, so generate one that is easy enough to read while remaining unguessable and secure. 
  • BestRandoms: When using BestRandoms, you have to input a word you would like it to generate usernames from and watch as it creates a list of unique usernames. You can do this as often as needed to achieve the perfect username. 
  • Screen Name Generator: If you will be using a username that other people can see, Screen Name Generator is a perfect option. This random username generator will generate large lists of usernames you can choose from to find the username that is perfect for you.