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DeleteMe vs Kanary Comparison

DeleteMe and Kanary stand out as two prominent solutions designed to help individuals protect their personal information on the internet. Both platforms offer services aimed at removing personal information from public databases and search results, but they approach this common goal through different methodologies, feature sets, and pricing strategies, which merit a detailed comparison for anyone considering their options in digital privacy management.


DeleteMe positions itself as a privacy protection service that focuses on removing personal information from data broker sites and public databases. It operates by conducting periodic scans for its users’ information on websites known to collect and sell personal data, then submitting opt-out requests on behalf of its users to have that information deleted. One of DeleteMe’s key technical strengths is its emphasis on manual processing, where human intervention is applied to ensure that opt-out requests are properly executed and followed up. This approach allows for a more tailored and effective handling of personal information removal, particularly useful in complex cases where automated systems might struggle. DeleteMe provides users with detailed reports on the actions taken, offering transparency and insight into the process.

DeleteMe Scan

Kanary takes a broader approach to online privacy management. It not only targets data brokers but also extends its reach to monitoring for personal information leaks, tracking cookies, and potential privacy threats across a wide array of online platforms, including social media. Kanary leverages automated technology to scan for and detect personal information across the internet, offering users options to secure their information or request its removal. A significant aspect of Kanary’s service is its real-time alert system, which notifies users when new instances of their personal information are found online. This proactive stance enables users to take immediate action to protect their privacy. Furthermore, Kanary’s use of automation allows for a scalable solution that can quickly adapt to new threats and data breaches, making it a dynamic tool in the fast-paced digital environment.

Ease of Use

Both platforms strive to make the complex process of managing online privacy as user-friendly as possible. DeleteMe offers a clear, step-by-step process where users can easily submit their information and receive updates on the progress of their information removal. Kanary, with its automated alerts and broad monitoring capabilities, provides a dashboard where users can quickly see the status of their personal information online and take action as needed.

Kanary Report


The choice between DeleteMe and Kanary depends on yout specific needs and preferences. Those looking for a thorough, hands-on service that focuses on removing personal information from data brokers might find DeleteMe to be the better fit. In contrast, individuals seeking a broader range of privacy protection features, including real-time alerts and the ability to address a wider spectrum of online privacy threats, might prefer Kanary’s comprehensive and automated approach. Both platforms offer valuable services in the fight against online privacy violations, but their distinct approaches and features cater to different aspects of this ongoing battle.

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Comparison Table

Feature DeleteMe Kanary
Focus Removing personal information from data broker sites Broader privacy management including data brokers, personal information leaks, and tracking cookies
Methodology Manual processing with human intervention for opt-out requests Automated scanning and detection of personal information across the internet
Reports and Transparency Detailed reports on actions taken Real-time alerts for new instances of personal information found
Pricing Model Annual subscription covering multiple scans and requests Flexible pricing options, including monthly subscriptions
User Interface Step-by-step process with updates on progress Dashboard for status and immediate action on privacy threats