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Sucuri Cost and Pricing

Have you ever been hacked? If so, Sucuri is just what you need. The internet is an ocean of information; you are just one click away from anything, but finding the correct information becomes very difficult. Similarly, a website is a group of linked, publicly accessible web pages that use the same domain. When you design any website, you must be cautious about its security. One prominent issue with a website is hacking, which can exploit your website. Now, we have a solution to the website security threat, which is the Sucuri. What is Sucuri? What does it do? How does it help you recover your website and protect you from hackers?

Sucuri is a well-known web application in software security developed by Daniel B.Cid in 2007 that protects your website from hackers, malware, blacklists, and DDoS. Sucuri, a web application firewall, provides essential and professional security against website attacks. Sucuri has different packages, and you can purchase your membership. They have a Sucuri scanner, antivirus package, and excellent customer service. Sucuri web also offers you a WordPress plugin through which you can prevent your website from being hacked.

Sucuri Defies Every Attack

When you enable Sucuri, it blocks attacks against your website and makes it a secure platform. All the web traffic is investigated before reaching your server. Sucuri also stops future attacks by filtering traffic and speeding up your site.

Repair and Restore Hacked Website

Sucuri helps you repair and restore your hacked website and offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee if Sucuri does not recover your website. Sucuri knows its worth, and they know they can recover your hacked website.

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is keeping track of a website’s availability and functionality to reduce downtime and guarantee a positive user experience. Sucuri monitors all the actions of your website. It instantly sends you a notification through SMS or email if the server goes down or takes time to load. Real-time monitoring software is necessary for your company because any downtime could immediately result in you the loss of revenue and dissatisfaction of customers.

Sucuri Scanner

Your website is automatically scanned through the Sucuri scanner to ensure it is free of malware, viruses, suspicious redirects, and other threats. You can control and set how frequently you want your scanner to run tests for malware, blacklisting, etc.

Sucuri Pricing

Sucuri has four packages depending on your need or according to the level of your site. The first one is the basic package called Basic Platform; it is for small areas and bloggers for occasional cleanups and security scans. It claims to remove malware in 30 hours, and the scanner frequency is every 6 hours. The second one is the Pro Platform, which is a bit more expensive than a primary platform. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses to minimize disruption. It claims to remove malware in 12 hours, and security scanner time is every 6 hours.

The third package is called Business Platform. It is the quickest response for website cleanup with frequent vulnerability testing. This package is almost double in price of the pro platform, but it claims to remove malware in 6 hours, and the security scanner time is every 30 minutes. The last package is for professionals and websites on a higher level. This package is called Multi-site and custom Plans. You can include five sites in this package, and the price is according to the customer’s request and areas.

Website Backups And 24/7 Security Team

There is always a security team available to hear your issues. In case of a severe breakdown, our system makes sure your website is protected. Our security team keeps backups of your website and organizes the backups by date. The security team retains your backup for 90days and has an easy and quick recovering process.

Ultimately, I would say that the risk will never be zero no matter what you try to secure your website. Thousands of websites get hacked daily because they do not have stronger passwords or security software. As a well-known website security company, Sucuri guarantees that your database and website files are secure and free from hackers, malware, and threats. I think it is always good to be secured first and process further.