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RoboKiller vs Nomorobo Comparison

Unwanted robocalls have become a modern nuisance, plaguing billions of phone users worldwide. Thankfully, technology has adapted to tackle this annoyance with tools like RoboKiller and Nomorobo. These applications help consumers block spam calls and robocalls effectively. However, choosing between the two may be a challenge without proper insight into their offerings. This article aims to compare these two applications to help users make an informed choice.

Call BlockingYesYes
Spam DetectionYesYes
Spam ReportingYesNo
Reverse Phone LookupYesNo
Number BlockingYesYes
Custom BlocklistYesYes


  • RoboKiller: Launched in 2015, RoboKiller is a powerful call-blocking app known for its innovative features, including personalized Answer Bots that engage spammers in lengthy conversations, wasting their time instead of yours.
  • Nomorobo: Established in 2013, Nomorobo was one of the first third-party services to provide robust robocall-blocking features. It leverages a comprehensive, regularly updated list of known robocallers to protect its users from spam calls and robotexts.


Functionality and Features

RoboKiller: Besides the standard spam call blocking, RoboKiller takes it a notch higher with Answer Bots. These bots engage the spammer, potentially preventing them from making other spam calls. The app also provides spam text blocking, caller ID, and allows personal block and allow lists.

Nomorobo: Nomorobo provides effective call blocking based on its extensive blacklist of known robocall numbers. It also blocks spam texts, offers real-time caller ID, and the ability to customize your personal block and allow lists. However, it lacks an equivalent to RoboKiller’s Answer Bots.

User Interface

RoboKiller: The app’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive. It offers easy navigation and access to all features, making it a breeze to customize settings to personal preferences.

Nomorobo: Similarly, Nomorobo has a straightforward and clean interface. Its features are readily accessible, though some users may find its design somewhat less modern than RoboKiller’s.


RoboKiller: Users have praised RoboKiller for its high accuracy in blocking spam calls and its innovative Answer Bot feature. However, there have been occasional false positives, where legitimate calls get blocked.

Nomorobo: Nomorobo also performs well in identifying and blocking spam calls. Like RoboKiller, there have been reports of false positives, which is common in most call-blocking apps due to the ever-changing nature of spam call numbers.


RoboKiller: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, RoboKiller had a subscription-based pricing model, offering a 7-day free trial followed by a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Nomorobo: Nomorobo provides a free version for VoIP landlines. For mobile devices, it operates on a subscription model with a 14-day free trial.


RoboKiller: Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Nomorobo: Also available for both Android and iOS, plus it offers protection for VoIP landlines.


Both RoboKiller and Nomorobo claim to value user privacy highly and do not sell user data. However, as with all apps, it’s essential to read their privacy policies before use.


Both RoboKiller and Nomorobo offer robust protection against robocalls and spam. The choice between them largely depends on individual needs and preferences.