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Password Boss Cost and Pricing Plans

Password Boss has emerged as one of the best choices for businesses and individuals seeking compact security. This password manager offers various premium features that enhance the security of data. Compared to others, it is reliable, easy to use, and offers the required features.

Many businesses prefer this password manager due to the benefits it offers the corporate world. This is an ideal pick for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow security around their firm.

Password Boss is ideal for companies looking to start with basic security options and does not require advanced analytic features. In this review, we will observe some of the notable features and explore its pricing plans.

Password Boss Features

Security and Encryption

Password Boss offers the necessary features, including a solid encryption and security plan. The manager uses the AES 265 encryption combined with PBKDF2 key derivation. The technology keeps hackers at bay by making it impossible for them to hack into the system.

Similar to other reputable password managers, the company uses a zero-knowledge protocol. It means that your data is in the local storage rather than servers or cloud storage. It prevents even company employees from accessing the user data.

Apart from that, Password Boss also provides Dark-web scans, which help users know of a possible data breach. This feature instantly informs the company about a data breach to help them take action as soon as possible.

Password Sharing

One of the notable features of Password Boss is its password-sharing option. This feature proves to be significant when people need to share passwords or other personal notes with each other. Since businesses require avid communication, this is one of the features they can count on.

The sender has the option to either grant the recipient full access to the data or limit their access. The sender has the liberty to revoke access to anyone at any time. Overall, the password-sharing process ensures a steady and seamless transfer of sensitive data to another user.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA lets the users enjoy an extra layer of security to keep their data safe and secured. This feature helps avoid the risk of hacking or any data breach. The way it works is through the authenticator application, which demands a six-digit code on any login.

Since this code will only be available to the user, anyone else trying to log in, even with the right credentials, will fail to do so. And if you don’t want to go with the burden of manually entering codes into your devices, you can select the trusted device. It can include your personal phone or a personal laptop.

You can pick the duration, which is a maximum of 30 days; after that, you will have to mark your device as “trusted.”

Security Dashboard

Password Boss offers a compelling security dashboard that shows a prominent display of your security score. The score represents the strength of your password in terms of percentage. For instance, if your score is 100%, then your password is unique and strong.

With the help of Password Boss, users can automatically change passwords. The drawback is that this feature does not work on zero-knowledge technology, and your password will be present in Password Boss servers.

Pricing Plans

Password Boss offers a range of features, including free plans, personal plans, and business plans. Let’s take a look at the costs:

Free Trial

Although Password Boss does not have a free plan, it offers a 30-day free trial that includes all the premium benefits. Users can try this to see if the manager fits their needs.

Personal Premium

Password Boss offers individual accounts starting at only $2.50 per month. The plan contains all the features required to keep the data and password safe. Moreover, it also provides Dark-web scans.

Family Plan

At only $4 per month, Password Boss offers a family plan that a maximum of five people in the household can use.

Business Plan

Password Boss offers standard and advanced premium plans. They cost $3 and $4 per month respectively. Over 5 employees can take advantage of the premium plan.

Final Thoughts

Password Boss is a solid consideration for businesses and individuals alike. It offers a reliable suite of features and benefits at affordable prices. All of this makes Password Boss one of the best password managers on the market.