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Spokeo vs Intelius Comparison

Spokeo and Intelius are both data aggregation services that compile information from various public and private sources to create comprehensive profiles on individuals. However, their approaches and specific offerings differ in several key areas.

Data Sources

Spokeo primarily aggregates data from social media platforms, public records, and third-party sources, focusing on bringing together a wide range of information from the online and digital footprint of individuals. This makes it particularly strong in gathering information related to social media presence, email addresses, and other online identities. Intelius, on the other hand, has a more traditional approach, with a strong emphasis on public records such as property records, court records, and criminal backgrounds. This focus makes Intelius a go-to for more detailed background checks, including criminal records, property ownership, and past financial information.

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Ease of Use

Spokeo is often praised for its user-friendly interface and ease of navigation, which allows users to easily search for people using various identifiers like name, phone number, address, or email. Intelius, while offering a robust search functionality, may present a steeper learning curve with a more detailed and complex interface that caters to users seeking in-depth reports.

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Features and Reports

Spokeo’s reports are generally more oriented towards providing a broad overview of an individual’s online and social presence, including contact information, social media accounts, and public records. Intelius offers detailed background reports that include comprehensive information on criminal records, financial history, and personal connections, making it particularly useful for employment background checks or tenant screenings.


Spokeo often adopts a subscription model where users pay a monthly fee for access to a certain number of searches or reports. They offer a free trial for only $0.95 for those needing a single report. Intelius charges more for individual reports and also offers a subscription model for users requiring frequent access to its services.

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Data Accuracy

Given Spokeo’s reliance on social media and online sources, its data can be more current but may also include inaccuracies due to the rapid change in online profiles and the presence of outdated information. Intelius, with its focus on public records, may offer more accurate historical data but may not be as up-to-date regarding recent changes or unrecorded data in public records.


Both Spokeo and Intelius serve their purpose well within their respective niches—Spokeo for quick, online, and social media background searches, and Intelius for in-depth, traditional background checks. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs, whether it’s a simple online presence check or a detailed background investigation.

Comparison Table

Feature Spokeo Intelius
Data Sources Social media, public records, third-party sources Public records, court records, criminal backgrounds
User Interface User-friendly, easy navigation More detailed and complex
Reports Focus Broad overview, online and social presence Detailed background checks, criminal records, financial history
Pricing Structure Subscription model for monthly access Charges more for individual reports, offers subscriptions
Accuracy and Timeliness More current but may include inaccuracies More accurate historical data, may not be as updated