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RoboForm Cost and Pricing Plans

RoboForm was first launched in 2000, which makes it one of the oldest reliable password managers out there. Its first variant focused on auto-filling forms on websites and secure logins across multiple devices and websites.

RoboForm ensures that your passwords and other sensitive information are secure and safe. The password manager covers all the basic aspects typically expected from a password manager. However, it lacks depth and analytical features offered by others in the industry. Many users go for this option since it is a cheaper option compared to others.

In this review, we will focus on two key aspects of the manager; its features and pricing plans. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

RoboForm Features

Password Assessment

RoboForm’s password assessment is one of the tools that track and rate the passwords you’re currently using. This helps you determine potential risks and enables you to switch to a stronger password. Moreover, the password manager also has a built-in password generator that suggests strong passwords you can use. They make use of special characters to build a strong password that is hard to crack.

The password manager also checks if any of your used passwords were compromised and leaked onto the dark web. And if it is, you can change it to protect your private information and online profile. Currently, the feature is only available for MAC and Windows OS.

Emergency Access

You can easily grant other users access, even if you are using the free version of the password manager. With the help of emergency access, you can grant other users to see private information. To get this feature, you must first add the contacts you trust, and the password manager automatically sends the login information to them if you are inactive for long.

This is perfect for people who want to leave behind a legacy after they switch jobs or demise. With this feature, you can hand over your information to trusted individuals.

Safe Password Sharing

Another important feature that many users expect from a password manager is the safe transfer of data. And with the help of RoboForm, you can securely transfer data such as passwords, private nodes, and other sensitive information. The password manager lets you send credentials safely, but here is the catch; the user you are sharing your data with needs to have a RoboForm account to exchange information.

RoboForm is free for everyone, so anyone can easily download it and set it up. RoboForm also makes it easier for you to import passwords from another password manager if you are switching to RoboForm.

Password Generator

A password generator is a key feature for a password manager. With the help of RoboForm, you can create passwords according to your needs. You can easily specify the length of the password, exclude, or include certain characters. This feature keeps you from coming up with long and hard-to-guess passwords.

Another remarkable feature of RoboForm’s password generator is that you can produce extremely long passwords which can stretch over 512 characters. It uses the SHA-512 technology.

RoboForm Pricing Plans

RoboForm offers different pricing plans for users, including a free plan. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Free Plan

RoboForm offers a distinctive and useful free plan that covers all the basic aspects of data security. It includes unlimited logins, password audit, and generation. The free plan has no restrictions, and users can use it for as long as they want without having to pay.

Premium Plan

The best thing about this paid plan is that it ensures syncing and saves data in cloud storage. Moreover, users can also benefit from 24/7 customer support. RoboForm offers its services starting from only $23.88 per year in this plan. Users can also select the five years option at $100, which will help them save a few bucks.

Family Plan

With the RoboForm family plan, a household can strengthen its security significantly. At a time, five users can access the account. The plan starts at $47.75 per year; moreover, loyalty discounts are awarded on three and five-year plans.

Final Thoughts

With RoboForm, users can enjoy premium features at the best rates in the market. Roboform is one of the best password managers available today.