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Keeper Cost and Pricing Plans

Millions of individuals and businesses trust Keeper to keep their passwords and data safe. Keeper’s excellent security and reliability features help reduce the risk of data breaches and hacking. This password manager is a top performer in terms of keeping sensitive data safe.

Keeper ensures security with the help of encryption and integrates your data with security tools such as 2FA and LDAP. Keeper integrates these advanced tools with such accuracy that it does not hinder user experience and makes it easy for anyone to use.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Keeper’s features and pricing. Let’s find out how good Keeper actually is.

Keeper Features

Browser Extension

Keeper offers an excellent browser extension called “KeeperFill.” The extension is available on numerous browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. With the browser extension, users can easily save passwords, auto-fill forms, and keep payment details secure. It makes it easier for users to access their passwords and enter them automatically.

It makes the sign-in process seamless and easy. The overall extension is secure and offers great functionality in a safe environment. It is easy to use and saves you from having to remember long passwords or manually entering credentials.

Password Generator

Keeper’s password generator comes up with strong passwords that keep hackers at bay. The default length of a password with Keeper is up to 20 characters. You can also manually set the applicable characters and length that you deem fit.

Zero-Knowledge Protocols

Keeper takes multiple protocols into consideration, including Zero-knowledge protocols, which ensure data security. This protocol helps you keep your data safe in a password-protected vault, away from any servers.

The feature enables you to share your credential details with up to five members of your family who you trust. So whenever you are stuck in an emergency, or something happens to you, they can access the protected data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Keeper includes multiple security tools that help keep your data safe and secure. One of the significant tools is the Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA. This security feature is fairly easy and quick to set up and link with Google’s authenticator app.

Apart from 2FA, Keeper also offers a touch ID, which enables the users to log in with the help of a fingerprint. Users can also incorporate the application in smart devices such as digital watches. These security tools make it easier for users to access their accounts and stay on top of security.


The KeeperChat uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption to keep communication safe and secure. And due to Keeper’s zero-knowledge policy, even employees cannot view any conversation.

KeeperChat is easy to set up, install, and use. You can invite your friends and family to connect on this safe platform, which offers seamless communication. The chats offer features such as self-destruct messages and retract them at any time. It includes 50 GB starting storage which is upgradable to 1TB if you need it.

Keeper Cost and Pricing Plans

Keeper offers plenty of options to users, including a free plan. But if you choose the free plan, you might be putting your data at risk. Moreover, the free plan lacks the usability and features offered in paid plans. Let’s explore its paid options:

Individual Unlimited

This plan is the least expensive paid plan, which starts from only $34.99 per year. It offers all the premium features such as storing unlimited passwords, 2FA, and Emergency access. However, this plan lacks dark-web monitoring, which forces users to switch to other expensive options.

Individual Unlimited Plus Bundle

At $58 per year, Keeper offers you Breach Watch protection along with an additional 10GB in storage.

Family Plan

Keeper’s family plan grants access to over five people in its family plan. This bundle includes safety for all the members and offers 10 GB of storage for secure file storage. The plan starts at $79.99.

Family Plus Bundle

The plan starts with $103.48 per year. It includes dark-web monitoring for all the members added. Moreover, you can also get a 10% discount on the yearly plan.

Final Thoughts

Keeper is one of the most reliable and trustworthy password managers in the market. It has accumulated hundreds of positive reviews, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction. It also offers extensive plans to fit your budget.