Random Number Generator Tool

Random number generator tools can be used for many different things, but they are rarely considered for creating secure passwords and logins. However, random number generator tools can create very secure passwords and logins since you allow a computer to randomly put together a string of numbers to secure your private information. 

How to Use the Random Number Generator

Here is how to use the random number generator:

  • Select both the upper bound and the lower bound range by using the up and down arrows in each field. If you are ok with the default range of 1 -10,000, then no adjustments will need to be made.
  • Click or tap the “Generate Number” button.
  • Your random number will be found under “Your Random Number is:”
  • Repeat the process in order to create another random number.

Why Use a Random Number Generation Tool?

Random number generation tools can be used in a number of ways to protect your valuable accounts and logins. These include some of the following:

What Random Number Generator Tools Are Used For

Random number generator tools are used to generate strings of random numbers; this string of numbers should lack any type of pattern when generated. While humans will often create number strings with some form of pattern or repetition, random number generators will create completely random strings of numbers.

There are many uses for random strings of numbers, and a random number generator can be used for any of these scenarios. The most common scenarios are when you are creating a password, creating a video game, setting up a lottery, or anything that requires a random aspect to make it work. 

How Random Number Generator Tools Can be Used for Generating Secure Passwords and Logins 

Random number generator tools can generate secure passwords and logins in several ways. While it may seem like random number generators would not create great passwords, many reasons exist to use them to create secure passwords and logins for your daily use. 

  • Numbers versus Letters: While using words or letters is often easier to remember when creating a password; numbers offer a much more secure option. However, due to how difficult it would be to remember a string of numbers, this is recommended when you can remember the password on your device or when attaching the numbers to a word. 
  • Difficulty to Hack: Using a random number generator tool to create your passwords and logins will help increase the difficulty of hackers attempting to steal your private information. With how many permutations exist for number combinations, it could take hackers years to break thru your random number-generated login. 
  • Ease of Use: Random number generators are extremely easy to use, and you can choose just how long you want your string of numbers to be. If you use only numbers, you could go for a number string of 8 or more characters. Or, if you are adding onto a word to create your password, a smaller string of 4 or so characters may be better. 

How Random Number Generator Tools Can Generate Secure Pins 

Random number generators can generate secure pins, just like when generating secure passwords and logins. Most secure pins are comprised of numbers only, so using a random string of numbers can help you when you are creating your own secure pin. Using a number familiar to you is extremely tempting, making it easier for hackers to steal your data.  

Using a random number generator, you can avoid making common mistakes when creating a pin and create a secure pin that will resist any hacker. While this may make it slightly more difficult to remember your pin, if you use a shorter number for your pin, you can balance between ease of remembrance and security for your pin. 

Numbers and Identity Theft

Its important to not associate any personally identifiable information with your usernames or passwords as this makes you susceptible to identity theft.

For example, using your birth year in a username can possibly provide a hacker with some vital information they need in order to compromise one of your accounts. Also, using the same pattern of numbers in your username or password could possibly inform hackers that you use the same credentials for multiple accounts.

A tool such as a random number generator can assure that you are not providing data to savvy hackers by using the same numbers or numbers that are associated with PII (birthdate, SSN, address, etc.).

Random Number Generator Tools Available to All

You can find dozens of random number generator tools online, and all of them could easily serve your purposes. However, here is a list of some of the most common ones and what makes them great, random number generator tools for creating your secure passwords and logins. 

  • Number Generator: Number Generator is one of the best random number generators on the internet. With a simple user interface, you can select the range of numbers you want to use, providing you with a list of auto-generated numbers. 
  • Official Random Number Generator: Another extremely easy random number generator to use, this number generator comes with a super easy interface. You must input your highest and lowest number for the range and then watch the list of numbers be generated. 
  • Random Number Generator: This site is easier to use than the previous two. When you visit this random number generator, there will already be a list of random numbers on the website. To generate more, you simply push the more random numbers button, or you can hit the refresh button on your web browser.