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IdentityForce vs Experian IdentityWorks Comparison

In the digital age, identity theft protection has become increasingly essential. Today, numerous services offer solutions to keep your personal and financial information secure, with IdentityForce and Exian IdentityWorks being among the most popular. This article will compare these two industry leaders, delving into the details of their offerings and how they stack up against each other.


IdentityForce, a division of the Sontiq brand, has been a leading figure in the identity protection market for over four decades. This service offers comprehensive coverage, including monitoring of personal and financial information, as well as social media accounts, making it an incredibly versatile option.


  • Comprehensive monitoring: IdentityForce monitors various databases and registries, including credit reports, court records, payday loans, and more, alerting you to any suspicious activity.
  • Credit reports and scores: IdentityForce provides monthly updates on your credit reports and scores from all three major credit bureaus, a feature many competitors lack.
  • Identity theft insurance: The service provides up to $1 million in insurance coverage to aid in recovery in case of identity theft.
  • Online dashboard and mobile app: It offers an intuitive online dashboard and a user-friendly mobile app to manage and monitor your identity protection.

Experian IdentityWorks

Experian IdentityWorks is a product from the renowned credit reporting agency Experian. This service offers extensive identity protection features and also provides users with access to Experian credit reports and scores.


  • Extensive monitoring: IdentityWorks monitors numerous databases and registries, just like IdentityForce, along with monitoring your social security number, credit card numbers, and other personal and financial details.
  • Credit lock feature: One notable feature is the ability to lock your Experian credit report, helping prevent unauthorized credit checks.
  • Identity theft insurance: Similar to IdentityForce, IdentityWorks also offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.
  • Child identity protection: It provides an option to include child identity protection in your plan, ensuring the whole family is safe from identity theft.

Head-to-Head Comparison

  • Monitoring services: Both IdentityForce and Experian IdentityWorks offer comprehensive monitoring services, tracking numerous databases for any suspicious activity related to your personal and financial information. However, IdentityForce provides additional coverage for social media accounts, which could be a deciding factor for some users.
  • Credit reports and scores: IdentityForce provides monthly updates on your credit reports and scores from all three major bureaus. In contrast, Experian IdentityWorks focuses on reports and scores from Experian but does offer annual reports from all three bureaus. For individuals seeking regular insights into their credit status from all bureaus, IdentityForce could be the better option.
  • Identity theft insurance: Both services offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, providing financial assistance to help in recovery after identity theft.
  • User interface: Both services provide user-friendly online dashboards and mobile applications. Personal preferences will dictate which interface is better suited to individual users.
  • Pricing: Experian IdentityWorks tends to be slightly cheaper than IdentityForce. However, the ultimate decision may depend more on the specific features you require rather than the price difference.
  • Child identity protection: Experian IdentityWorks offers an optional child identity protection service, while IdentityForce does not explicitly provide this option, giving Experian an edge for families seeking all-round protection.

In conclusion, both IdentityForce and Experian IdentityWorks provide robust identity theft protection services. The best choice depends on your specific needs. If regular credit reports from all three bureaus or social media monitoring is a priority, IdentityForce might be your pick. However, if you’re seeking a more affordable option with child identity protection, Experian IdentityWorks could be the more appropriate choice.