File Savers Cost and Pricing Plans

File Savers is one of the most reputable data recovery service providers that can help you get data back from various sources. They are a one-stop solution that can cater to all your data recovery needs by providing the following services:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery (Laptop, Desktop, SSD)
  • Portable Media Data Recovery (External, Flash Drive, Phone, Camera Card)
  • RAID Recovery

Data is one of the most valuable and treasured resources for companies today. Due to its high significance, companies need to have a backup plan they can use to restore their lost data. File Savers can be a great solution to your data recovery problem. Let’s take an insight into the features, benefits, and pricing of File Savers.

File Savers Overview

Brent Jackson started File Savers to help clients restore their critical data and files if they get lost or damaged. The company offers its services to businesses in various states throughout the US. With the help of their extensive R&D, they are creating robust solutions and processes for data recovery.

Services of File Savers

You can get a wide range of services from File Savers regarding data recovery from your portable, removable, and raid devices. Below is a rundown of the services they offer.

Hard Drive Recovery

One of the most prominent services you can get from File Savers is hard drive recovery. The service provider can recover your data from external hard drives, laptop hard drives, SSD (Solid-State-Drive), and desktops. You can contact them for a free diagnosis, approve their services, and get your data back.

Removable/Portable Media Data Recovery

Removable media is still quite popular and mainstream among many businesses in the US. These devices can be subject to damage, and you can lose your valuable data.

Nevertheless, the top-notch services from File Savers allow you to recover your lost data in a short span. You can get their portable media data recovery services for the following items:

  • Camera Card
  • CD & DVD
  • External Hard Drive
  • Flash Drive
  • Mobile Phone

RAID Data Recovery

Another exceptional service that File Savers provides is RAID data recovery. Their experts have the skills and capabilities to recover the data from various types of RAID drives and servers, including:

  • Physical RAID Drive Failures (Bad Sectors, Firmware Corruption, etc.)
  • Physical RAID Server Failures (Motherboard Failure, RAID Card Failure, etc.)
  • Logical RAID Failures (Improper Shutdown, Boots in a Loop, etc.)
  • User Error (Attempted to Expand Array, Accidental Reformatted. etc.)

In addition, they can also work on the different RAID configurations and drive interfaces to recuperate vital data. File Savers uses the state-of-the-art RAID recovery process and software to ensure they can get your data when others can’t.

Benefits of Choosing File Savers for Your Data Recovery

File Savers use the latest tools and techniques to ensure they can recover valuable data for their customers. There are many benefits of choosing their services, including:

  • Availability of 24/7 services to help you get all the valuable information and important files as soon as possible
  • File Savers follow the ISO 5 Clean Room to avoid dirt or debris from entering your Hard Drive.
  • Proprietary software and digital solutions that enables File Savers to recover data
  • The company is compliant with HIPPA & PCI, meaning your data is safe and secure.
  • They have a team of experienced and highly-skilled engineers to work on your data recovery
  • Uses different solutions to recover your data
  • You will incur no charges if the company cannot retrieve any data from your devices


File Savers data recovery services are the best in the town to help you get your data from various hard drives. They can assess your data recovery needs and then give you a reasonable quote for their services.

Once you agree on the quote, they will begin their processes and give you the data in a short span. So, give File Savers a try and get a smooth and hassle-free process to recover your data.

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