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Ovation Credit Repair Cost and Pricing Plans

Ovation Credit Repair a service started in 1976 in the U.S. and is among the oldest credit repair companies in the industry. The company has several comprehensive services but is best known for its credit repair options. People who have trouble with their credit score often reach out to Ovation Credit Repair as they can assess their client’s issues professionally.

Ovation Credit has an excellent track record and is best for customers who want quick, same-day solutions and professional services. Let us talk about these features and pricing details in this article.

Ovation Credit: Pros and Cons

Following is a detailed list of customers’ pros and cons with Ovation credit repair company.


Affordable Basic Package

Ovation Credit has a simple package that costs less than $80, making it highly affordable, but more on these details later.

Five Discount Options

Ovation credit has multiple discount options for its customers, ensuring that they get what they need. You can opt for discounts through promo codes or by signing up for different offers by the company. For instance, they have a competitive upgrade for consumers who already have a credit repair company and want to switch. They are giving customers a $50 credit for switching to Ovation. You can contact their customer support about the discount details.

Free Consultation

Ovation Credit has a free consultation offer where customers can visit or discuss anytime they want. The professionals look at each case separately and then develop a solution for it accordingly.

The free consultation option is best for first-time credit repair customers. You can discuss your concerns about credit repair with their professionals to make better decisions and maximize your credit score.

Highly Experienced

Having someone behind your back during credit score problems increases your chance of improving your credit report quickly. Ovation Credit has a team of reputable and experienced professionals who help customers assess their financial conditions and provide solutions accordingly. The professionals also ensure that you get the best possible solutions to your specific problem.

No-Risk Refund

Ovation Credit has a 90-day refund policy, returning cash to customers anytime during this period.

Personal Case Advisor

Assessing individual credit score issues is crucial when it comes to restoring your credit score. Ovation Credit has an easy and affordable personal case advisor option that can come in quite handy.

A professional will look into your specific case and provide the best possible solutions for it in real-time. You can also consult with a personal care advisor about restoring and maintaining your credit score.

Reputable Company

Ovation Credit is a well-known company and has an excellent reputation. It has operated in the industry for many years now and has one of the most extensive customer bases you will come across. Having an experienced company backing you allows you to get the best possible solution to your problems.

Same-Day Solutions

Immediate action is key to resolving credit score issues. Thus, Ovation Credit has a strict same-day solution policy. Customers can connect with their professionals and get instant solutions for their problems. You will not fear losing your credit score anymore and can improve it within a short period.


No 24-Hour Customer Support

Customers do not get 24×7 customer support at Ovation Credit which can harm their finances in their time of need. This is why some people may need to look for alternatives post working hours.

Pricey Second-Tier Plan

Ovation Credit has affordable prices, but some customers find the company’s second-tier price costly. Nonetheless, it is best to check the packages in detail before a final decision.

Ovation Credit Repair Cost and Pricing Plans

Ovation Credit offers good plans for its customers, like its Essentials Plan, which offers complete restoration services in case of a dispute. It has an $89 first work fee and a $79 monthly fee.

The Essential Plan plus offers more benefits, such as the following:

  • Handling credit disputes
  • Credit monitoring
  • Receiving a personal case advisor

These options make Ovation Credit an ideal and affordable choice if you have credit score issues.