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Best Cloud Backup Services for Businesses

A business’s online backup service copies files onto a cloud storage system to keep them safe. Cloud backups are created by copying everything online rather than using a traditional backup. The backups may be made manually or automatically. Most businesses rely on automatic uploads, as they don’t want to concern themselves with the process. However, manual uploads still have a purpose. For example, if you recently bought a new computer, you could upload the contents of your old computer and then download them from the cloud. Manual uploading may also be used after a major change. Hard drives are known to fail, and businesses can’t take that risk. For years, Cloud backup providers have been able to provide businesses with safe data at an affordable price to help minimize losses. You no longer need to purchase an external storage device and copy your files manually with these top cloud backup services.

Best Enterprise Cloud Backup Services

  • IDrive
  • Backblaze
  • pCloud

IDrive Business

  • Pros: A Lot of backup options, great value, end-to-end encryption
  • Cons: Storage isn’t limited, basic 2FA login

Key Info

IDrive provides a number of reliable storage and backup services for your company. The Team and Business plans can back up multiple devices (for example, PCs, Macs, and iPhones) using one IDrive account, as well as schedule frequent backups, keep files synchronized in real-time, and back up to external hard drives. Every time a document is edited, IDrive automatically backs it up. The Dashboard feature, which is accessible from anywhere, is a key part of the account manager’s toolkit.

It allows the account manager to digitally add new users, track all user and backup activities, and upgrade IDrive functions. In addition to backing up data on a variety of third-party cloud providers, IDrive can backup data from Microsoft 365, Oracle, Linux, SharePoint, Exchange Server, and MSSQL, among others. All you must do to initiate this backup is select the “Server Backup” option on the IDrive interface screen.

Further, IDrive demonstrates its sturdy anti-ransomware abilities via Snapshots. You may keep as many as 30 copies of your chosen files across your backup history using this feature. For organizations, IDrive offers three packages: Team, Business, and Enterprise.


  • Pros: Very easy to use, files are encrypted, affordable monthly plans
  • Cons: Cannot forget password, can’t use multiple app sync

Key Info

There are several other choices if you want to get value and ease of use. The rate is only $6 per month for a single device if you go with BackBlaze. It’s a fantastic choice for a new business with little devices. Despite the price, it’s a fantastic service. It’s very simple to use. This may be underappreciated by company owners, but I promise you that the moment you have to put effort into backing up, backups will not be up to date. Instead, you set it and everything works. You can backup everything with BackBlaze for a reasonable price, but keep in mind that it’s designed for one device. If you need to backup a lot of computers at work, you may need to consider an alternative.

pCloud Business

  • Pros: Great value, UE servers, encryption level choices, smart virtual drive, unlimited devices
  • Cons: No document integration, 0 knowledge encryption is not free

Key Info

Once your files are synced, you can access them through pCloud Drive. The process of setting up pCloud Drive on your work computer is simple. The virtual hard drive you create will have the same amount of storage as your account. pCloud’s core function is Drive. Drag your documents to the virtual hard drive, and pCloud will sync them across all of your devices. pCloud’s basic encryption method is server-side.

Standard pCloud accounts use server-side encryption. Your data will not be safeguarded until it reaches a pCloud server (excluding TLS/SSL encryption). pCloud Crypto, an advanced client-side encryption service, is an optional add-on service for personal users that is standard for business users. Crypto provides client-side encryption, which scrambles your data either locally or in the browser before it is sent to pCloud.

pCloud Business is a decent value if you pay monthly. You can save 20% on a yearly subscription if you purchase right now, or get a 30-day free trial with all new accounts. You will not be billed until after the first 30 days, but you must enter your payment information and subscribe to use this service. pCloud is a bargain compared to Tresorit, which offers the same amount of storage for much less every month. Although pCloud is not the least expensive business cloud storage, it is still a decent deal. You can save 50% by using a account (see our for Teams review).