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Norton vs McAfee Comparison

When it comes to computer security, two of the most recognizable names in the industry are Norton and McAfee. Both brands have a long history and offer a range of security software solutions designed to protect devices against viruses, malware, and other online threats. In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison of these two security titans, considering their features, performance, pricing, user interface, and customer support.

Anti-Virus & Anti-MalwareYesYes
VPN ServiceYesYes
Password ManagerYesYes
Identity Theft ProtectionYes (with premium package)Yes
Parental Control ToolsYesNo
Cloud BackupYesNo
File ShredderNoYes


Norton offers multiple layers of protection, including a firewall, anti-spam filters, and a password manager. It also features VPN service for secure browsing, cloud backup for data protection, and parental control tools. Its most premium package includes LifeLock identity theft protection in the US, providing comprehensive cybersecurity coverage.

McAfee also offers a broad spectrum of features, including anti-virus and anti-malware, a two-way firewall, anti-spam, encrypted storage, and a password manager. It additionally provides identity theft protection, home network security features, and VPN services. One standout feature is the McAfee Shredder, which permanently deletes files, making them virtually unrecoverable.


Both Norton and McAfee demonstrate excellent performance in protecting against malware. However, according to several independent tests from labs like AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, Norton often comes out slightly ahead in malware detection and removal. Both suites offer low impact on system performance, with Norton having a slightly smaller footprint than McAfee.


Both vendors offer various pricing tiers, which cater to different user needs. Generally, Norton tends to be more expensive than McAfee, especially at the premium end of the spectrum. However, Norton’s pricing often includes additional services like cloud storage and VPN usage. McAfee offers comprehensive protection at a lower cost, but some premium features may not be included in their basic packages.

User Interface

Norton’s interface is clean and user-friendly, with a primary dashboard showing system status and quick access to key features. There are advanced settings for more experienced users but the interface remains straightforward and easy to navigate.

McAfee’s interface is also user-friendly, but some users may find it more cluttered than Norton’s. Features are divided into separate tiles, which can sometimes make navigation a bit cumbersome. However, its colorful design may appeal to some users.

Customer Support

Both Norton and McAfee provide multiple channels for customer support, including phone, chat, and email support, as well as extensive online resources. However, Norton’s customer service is often praised for its quick response times and knowledgeable staff, giving it a slight edge over McAfee.


Norton and McAfee are both highly reliable, feature-rich antivirus software. Your choice between the two might depend on your specific needs and budget. Norton may be a better choice if you need more advanced features like identity theft protection or if excellent customer service is high on your list of priorities. Conversely, McAfee may be the better option if you’re on a tighter budget but still need a robust antivirus solution. In either case, both Norton and McAfee offer comprehensive security options that can meet the needs of most users. It’s recommended to take advantage of their free trials to see which one suits you best.