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Norton vs Kaspersky Comparison

In the realm of cybersecurity, antivirus software plays a crucial role in protecting our digital environment. Two industry leaders, Norton and Kaspersky, have continuously competed for the top spot with their advanced features and performance capabilities. This article provides a comprehensive comparison between these two antivirus solutions, taking into account various parameters, including their protection abilities, features, system impact, user interface, and price.

Protection AbilityHigh (Uses SONAR protection)High (Uses machine learning algorithms)
FeaturesPassword manager, Cloud backup, Parental controls, Secure VPN, SafeCam, LifeLockPassword manager, Parental controls, Online banking protection, VPN service, Webcam protection, Safe Money tool, Privacy Cleaner
System ImpactMinimalVery Minimal
User InterfaceModern and User-friendlyTraditional and User-friendly
PricingVarious tiers, slightly more expensiveVarious tiers, slightly more cost-effective

Protection Ability

To begin with, Norton and Kaspersky are both highly rated for their malware protection ability. According to independent test labs like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, both software programs consistently score very high, often achieving perfect or near-perfect scores in their evaluations. It’s worth noting that while both have strong protective capabilities, they use different methods to achieve their goals. Norton employs its SONAR protection to guard against unknown threats, while Kaspersky uses machine-learning algorithms for the same purpose.


Norton and Kaspersky have an extensive feature list that goes beyond basic virus protection.

Norton offers features like a password manager, cloud backup, parental controls, a secure VPN, SafeCam webcam protection, and LifeLock identity theft protection in its top-tier plan. Its Power Eraser tool can help remove stubborn malware that might not get picked up in standard scans.

On the other hand, Kaspersky offers a password manager, parental controls, online banking protection, a VPN service, and webcam protection. Its Safe Money tool ensures secure online transactions, while the Privacy Cleaner helps remove traces of user activity.

System Impact

Any antivirus software should offer optimal protection without significantly slowing down your system. Both Norton and Kaspersky are designed to be lightweight and usually have minimal impact on system performance. According to multiple benchmark tests, Kaspersky has a slight edge over Norton as it has been shown to cause a bit less slowdown during scans.

User Interface

In terms of user interface, both Norton and Kaspersky are straightforward and user-friendly. However, they do differ in aesthetic and navigational aspects. Norton’s interface has a more modern design with easy access to its features through the main dashboard. Kaspersky, in contrast, maintains a more traditional, straightforward look with features neatly organized into categories, making it just as easy to navigate for the average user.


When it comes to pricing, both Norton and Kaspersky offer various pricing tiers to suit different customer needs. Norton’s pricing structure includes Norton AntiVirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Deluxe, and Norton 360 with LifeLock Select, each with a different set of features and pricing.

Similarly, Kaspersky offers Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Kaspersky Total Security, each with their unique features. Overall, Kaspersky tends to be slightly cheaper than Norton, making it a more cost-effective solution.


In conclusion, both Norton and Kaspersky are competent antivirus solutions, each with its strengths. While Norton has more features and offers identity theft protection, Kaspersky is slightly more lightweight and cost-effective. Ultimately, the decision between the two will depend on individual needs and priorities, such as budget, system requirements, and the specific features that one values the most.